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  1. Yesterday
  2. Game loading

    time on my phone was wrong dw
  3. Game loading

  4. Game loading

    I deleted app reinstalled lost my account then I try to go on new account and same thing happened ffs
  5. Game loading

    Hello I recently tried logging on to sma game and it didn’t work stays at 50% is this a bug or are they loading the beta on my account I did apply for the beta but it not sure
  6. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Hi, For those who have completed the application to gain early access, you should now have received invites/opt-in links to be able to access the latest version via your platforms Beta service. If you experience any problems with the access process please let me know. To speed up the process please use @SM Support(Alex) to tag me or PM me so I am notified. For any other feedback please use this thread for discussion. Saves having to create a new one. Please keep the feedback constructive, absolutely no problems not liking one thing or another, but please elaborate on why you don't like it and what tweaks or changes might improve the feature for you. Cheers!
  7. Last week
  8. Early Access Annoucement

    Hi All, As our wonderful Forum community contains many of the most active high achievers playing Soccer Manager Arena. We are looking to offer the opportunity for early access for you to provide you thoughts and feedback to us. To gain access to the BETA version please complete the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/HmvWt8K3PrfQUq1H2 You can read about the upcoming changes here (Update Sneak Peaks) Currently we can only provide BETA access to mobile devices(iOS/Android). Also at this stage certain features may not be available but will become available with time. While on the BETA version you will have access to your LIVE profile. League actions will be available (Chat, Donate/Request, League Goals) but due to the major changes in the Match Engine you will be unable to be matched up with users on the current LIVE VERSION. This includes in Ladder, Challenge and Friendly matches.
  9. Wrong pack deal for promotion

    Hi, Each special offer can only be purchased once. If the current Arena offer has been bought, the special offer for the Highest Arena you haven't yet purchased will be displayed. So it is possible to see the Special offer for Arena 4 while playing in Arena 8 or 9.
  10. Wrong pack deal for promotion

    For some reason I received the store deal for Moscow instead of Rome which is my current arena, I have not fallen below 3900 this season. Any ideas why?
  11. NEW UPDATE!!!

    They should have some reward for top 3 players and 3 league i think.
  12. NEW UPDATE!!!

    There is no point in having high trophies! Bazza will play 24/7 to be no1 on leaderboard il play to fill my packs up and at the end of the week we both get the same NOWT! there has to be a point to the game
  13. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Thats the perks of putting in the time to get your trophies high imo.
  14. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Highest trophies gets kick off is daft idea just means best players with highest trophies will always get kick off against lower players, meaning they will be even harder to beat! Random ball drop works for me and fair for good players and bad players
  15. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Agree with most of you here. Only thing really needed was tournaments. Random ball drop will be the same lottery as who gets KO. Best fix to that, for me, would be a game has to be won by two clear goals. I'm aware that would potentially increase game time but would add fairness and some real tension too. Agree with @Morrison about daily packs. They need to go. Instead there should be weekly packs where the prizes are based on the following: Trophies, League Finish, LP goals, Win Streaks and any Personal Bests in those areas. PS Quite like that you can have friendlies against non league members though. Could be interesting...
  16. NEW UPDATE!!!

    A full name change suggest to me that there having copyright issues possibley or why bother changing the name. Agree with the most part I’m only after tournaments no need to be changing shooting and goalkeeping. Likes of the kick off is as sam said its a lottery just depends on whos waiting in the lobby the longest. I think the highest trophy holder shoud always get kick off but thats just my opinion. New cards is always a good thing I’d like to see a quicker way to earn cash other than watching adds. Tournaments with a minimun buy in of game cash the way to go for me!
  17. NEW UPDATE!!!

    I agree with Morrison that the tournaments are a great idea. Otherwise the update look bad. I dont like de animation of the kicking and goalkeeping. Think it will slow down the game. They only update needed is the tournaments and a change with the ratings of players.
  18. NEW UPDATE!!!

    I just finished collecting all the cards and was happy to just focus on leveling up as I think I have quite a perfect combination of players. Was getting ready to use this team to challenge other top players as I even made it over 50 games undefeated. Now with all the changes coming I feel like I don't want to continue. They should keep this game and introduce the updates as a separate game for those who might like one over another.
  19. Ibracadabra

    The cat is benzema sam
  20. NEW UPDATE!!!

    I don’t like the keeper starting with the ball after a goal it’s very easy to lose the ball from keeper
  21. Ibracadabra

    I think it’ll be worse if the cat is de gea
  22. NEW UPDATE!!!

    The ball drop is very good for me as say out of 20 games i might get kick off 6 times. I think if the new shooting and keeping is good and easy to do it will kick the game on to a new level
  23. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Currently if you match someone straight away they get kick off, if you’re waiting in the lobby at all you get kick off and if you match a bit you get kick off I don’t see a problem with this
  24. Ibracadabra

    Hes had his day. He will be in the mls at end of season which means hes basically retired
  25. NEW UPDATE!!!

    people play the game for a reason. to many changes isnt good. all we wanted was tournaments
  26. Ibracadabra

    Please please dont change ibracadabra to a good player everyone will hate that he is one of the best superb players please dont change him he is a legned and everybody likes em
  27. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Ball drop at the start is fair as the kick off in big games can decide the match. No shooting inside box and keeper has ball after goal these are just normal 5aside rules. The shooting and goalkeeping looks bad to me but cant comment til i try it. Also only 1 boost per player is good or should i say goodbye slide tacklers haha
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