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  2. Leaderboards

    the leaderboards have got insane with people getting like 5800 I used to be top 30 but I can’t compete with this it’s crazy! Even Morrison used to be top 10 now look he is like 50th ish with the same amount of trophies I wanted to be 1st but I would have to play hundreds of games in a week
  3. Leaving hakuna Juan mata

    yh daily rewards are stupid has anyone got messi or ronaldo or neymar In one
  4. Leaving hakuna Juan mata

    League pack is pointless now hkane you get more from just logging in
  5. Leaving hakuna Juan mata

    To maybe try better themselves at the game by asking for tips from the best players? Who knows

    Its like being on im a celeb jungle theres that many bugs. Im tapping pogba left he goes right wtf?? I pass to pogba he seems locked cant offload ball he just keeps running. The lag is getting worse. Delay when shooting. Players jumping forward. Never get matched with certain players. Heres me thinking updates were to make a game better? KEEP OR UNINSTALL THATS THE QUESTION
  7. Leaving hakuna Juan mata

  8. Leaving hakuna Juan mata

    Why does people keep leaving our top 3 league hakuna Juan mata for the likes of goal kings and United Nations we get league pack quicker most times and An active league I don’t understand what for?? They probably think they are the best because they are 1 and 2 but they are only in that situation because of 2-3 people getting 5000+ its stupid
  9. Season Trophies

    100k doesn't go to far anyway haha teams are gonna get maxed out a lot quicker with daily login packs although i didn't get any elite xp in my last day 6 and 7 login packs as for new arena i can't believe they did a vote on here and then they choice Rome which never even made final 3.., i'd trade my season trophies for game cash or packs if you could.. gives players incentive to get their trophies up during the current season, this game has endless potential and hopefully these next few upcoming updates will be good
  10. Season Trophies

    Well....Its a good Idea but after all, its the SMA team, they probably have future plans of the new arena they kept hyping for 3 month and the new card type too but i think they should elaborate on your idea, it sounds like a good one... the idea i stated earlier can be used too!!
  11. Season Trophies

    I dissagree with being an unfair competetor. You have earned those so you can decide if you want to trade them. And as for maxed out decks everyone new and old will have maxed out decks anyway with the new daily login packs. By doing what I said above your giving something back to players thats played a while and like I said you can chose to trade in your season trophies you dont have to do it. If you like the looks of 100k season trophies then you keep them. Simple as that.
  12. Season Trophies

    then my 100k would make me an unfair competetor I already have a maxed out Ronaldo Boateng Bybala Messi Suarez Season trophies are mostly for top players and converting them into cash is a start to Choas everyone would run Maxed out decks
  13. Season Trophies

    Well I personally don’t take pride in them. I would much rather have the 18k coz thats how many season trophies I have. Some players maybe dissagree but I see them as being pointless. You ask some of the long timers on here. Bet they would trade them for cash in a heartbeat rather than watch adds.
  14. Season Trophies

    That idea is really not gonna be appreciated by the community Most players get pride with their season trophies, they r meant for display, I think it is a good idea to give us Cash on hitting certain weekly targets like score 500 goals or gain 1k trophies
  15. I would like to see something added where you can trade in your season trophies for cash. I have no use for them and can’t see any use for them in the game other than it tells how long a players been playing. It gives people extra incentive to gain trophies with the chance to cash them in at end of week ( game season ) or build them up and trade in when you like.
  16. Last week
  17. Finally here

    I know we sound like a bunch of crazed lunatics here but it’s only because we are passionate about the game. We are also loyal to it so it would be great if we could get some loyalty in return. We understand that with any game and any large update there will inevitably be some teething problems. But explainations and realistic time frames of when issues may be addressed are surely the least we deserve. Would be great to open a proper dialogue with the SMA team if possible? See if we can move things forward. And quickly.
  18. Finally here

    Now theres a guy popped out from nowhere called asda top of leaderboard with 0 wins and 7000 trophies. Guys u have fucked this game up big time
  19. Finally here

    Come on ALEX get sma people told. Theres loads of things wrong in the game. The 2 server thing with players not matching. Everyone getting more lag since update. The players skipping forward when you stop them to shoot which puts you off the shooting ticker. The player ratings need fixed. WE KNOW YOU SEE THESE POSTS ALL WERE ASKING IS TO GET A LITTLE FEEDBACK!!!!!
  20. Best Players

    Buffon is good too Experience against Sharzil
  21. Best Players

    Courtois and neuer are best
  22. Best Players

    Don't blame me haha Asique was the pioneer of the sliding teams
  23. Best Players

    Attack Messi and Ronaldo Neymar and Hazard Griezmann, aguero and benzema Muller and Ibra Some good low level options Rodriguez Kane Lukaku
  24. Best Players

    Midfield Vidal Koke Prefer to go with only one defensive mid who can pass and tackle that is why Vidal and Busquets are the 2 best players that HAVE to be in your team is you are looking for that quick transition from defense to attack
  25. Dybala!!

    Well Well Well!! Dybala I had over 98k cards before the update so logically when I updated I instantly maxed him out and benched him Fist game back in SMA after 2 month I went down 3-0 and subbed of Ronaldo for Dybala and OMG was I impressed He scored 5 and I ended up winning I changed formation and put him in behind Ronaldo and went on a 24 win streak!! I have 87 players including Messi and Neymar but this Guy feels way better for me!! Is it only me or is Dybala a brilliant upgrade?!
  26. Best Players

    Defense: Any Slide Tackler ( Thanks Gorse XD) Boateng Ramos Chellini Bonucci Silva
  27. Best Players

    GoalKeeper: neuer de gea buffon Lloris Ter Stegen Courtois
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