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  2. league name

    Hello I’m the president of new Greek army and I was wondering why can’t I change the name of the league
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  4. New arena

    The news on a new arena has gone cold and now you have announced this new update so what is happening about the new arena?? still coming or been cancelled now??
  5. SLIDERS!!

    Yeah but just because someone hates them you think they should take them off or reduce them?? it's a different aspect of playing the game just like playing with non sliders is a different aspect and way of playing the game
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  7. SLIDERS!!

    I think then slide tacklers should not get the same amount of boosts then normal greens it is unfair to play against and I have used Varane and stones at back with kante/Saul in my team but hated them
  8. SLIDERS!!

    Can't take it off the game as sliding is a big part of football.. I am sure i seen stones in your team Morrison when i played your ai lol How would they change the boosts?? Elites having 13 and greens 3 at manager level 11? Can you imagine Ron and Messi with 13 boosts haha that could be too much... Sliding teams are so annoying to play against but soooo much fun to play with... other than the sliders the rest of the greens are useless so its a tough one.. i wouldn't want them to take sliding off the game thou and not just because i use a sliding team but its the best defensive weapon and good for up and coming players who havent't reached manager level 9 as without sliders player level plays an even bigger factor in the result of a game
  9. League pack top contributor and

    I think that is unfair I get top lp scorer ever week and he shit rewards like busquet Xp when I have the whole arena 8 and see people get them and not me but cant do anything
  10. SLIDERS!!

    Yes I think they should take away slide tacklers away for over 4000 people or something
  11. SLIDERS!!

    You would say that gorse your a city fan. The best players (elite) should be able to do the most not the least. Its common sense
  12. SLIDERS!!

    Stones is quality in real life and in the arena
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  14. SLIDERS!!

    Yes but sadly not
  15. SLIDERS!!

    Why are green sliders aloud to slide 12 times a game and the best players elite only 3 times? This is very unfair as it costs loads more to upgrade elite players. It basically means the crappy players like stones are better than pique and godin which in real life there not. Every game i play now is just the same as the 1 before all sliders no skill. Surely you would think the elite players could do more than the average 1s
  16. Invitations

    “Invitations” Hkane! 😉
  17. Accounts

    Hello I’m here to ask support Alex a question if someone doesn’t log on for ages and he is a president does his account de-activate and you give the president to someone else
  18. Invitations

    Invatations* wow I can’t type lol
  19. Invitations

  20. Invitations

    Hello I’m here to speak to you because I keep getting invtationd from calzo from the league goalscorers and he keeps inviting me can you make it stop please
  21. Free cash - Not working?

    Next major update... When is this expected to arrive? as i am still waiting on the new arena to announced or will that come with the new update or has that been scrapped now??
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  23. Free cash - Not working?

    We are aware of this issue for iOS users. Currently the adverts are provided by only one ad network. We have been monitoring the stats and know that the match rate (number of requests that successfully show ads) is lower than we expect. We have been looking into adding mediation between a number of providers, which we expect to be included with the next major update.
  24. Free cash - Not working?

  25. Free cash - Not working?

    I have never been able to use the free cash button which presumably makes you watch an add. All i get is “please try again later”. I’ve literally tried 1000’s of times but it doesn’t works. iphone 8, ios11, ipad 2017, ios 11
  26. Hard to find a active league as a bigger

    4k .... It will take months with this level .. because of these dead league there is not much upagrd in squad though
  27. Hard to find a active league as a bigger

    get to 4k and you'll be able to join one of the big leagues if you are active
  28. I am lvl5 newbie here in London arena , last league pack i really disappointed i was the only one active n took only 2 pack like 300+ trophy for claim it.. missed all those 8 pack becase of dead league members... There is no president n vc all of them are dead members .. as a lvl5 under 1000 trophy holder it was impossible to join a active league.. because all of them required high trophie players... Nobody here for us 😢😢
  29. Update Sneak Peaks

    Coming in the next update… SNEAK PEEK #1 – Change in Player Levels! Ibracadabra: Elite -> Superb Golden Boy: Elite -> Superb Di Magia: Elite -> Superb Hypnotist: Superb -> Elite Ginger Genius: Superb -> Elite La Joya: Superb -> Elite Cyclone: Superb -> Good La Jirafa: Good -> Superb SNEAK PEEK #2 – Four New Cards! New Good Card: Pocket Knife – a Ball Playing Defender. New Superb Card: The Enforcer – a Defensive Midfielder. New Good Card: El Torero – A Winger. New Superb Card: Red Imp – a Forward. COMING SOON – Tournaments! 8 Clubs enter a Tournament with each contributing a set number of Credits. It’s a straight knockout tournament with a quarter final, semi final and final. The winner takes the glory and wins a share of the Credits! Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion. See you in the Arena!
  30. ready for world cup 2018

    During the past two years, the World Cup qualifying matches were held in different continents, in order to identify the teams to the Russian World Cup. The Russian national team came to this tournament as the first team to host the tournament without participating in the World Cup qualifiers, after which the Brazilian national team confirmed their presence in the tournament. Brazilian national team But we should mention our country's national football team as one of the phenomena of this period as a third team to Russia. Our national team has only two goals in the World Cup qualifiers He received the final match against Syria, as the leader of the group and without loss to the World Cup, so that for the first time in the history of the national matches, the Iranian national team will also have two successive World Cups. The list of teams that climbs to the Russian World Cup, whose presence has been finalized to this day, is as follows: Russia Brazil Japan Iran Belgium England Saudi Arabia Germany South Korea Mexico source: تور روسیه جام جهانی
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