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  2. Trophy reset fail - another bug

    it seems like as soon as one bugs fixed. another appears...
  3. Trophy reset fail - another bug

    Yh that sad music with a violin but don’t really care
  4. Trophy reset fail - another bug

    You don't get it as you are, literally, a simpleton.
  5. Trophy reset fail - another bug

    Don’t get it but I’m guessing your trying to be funny it’s not and I bet you searched it up 👌
  6. Trophy reset fail - another bug

    Awww poor Bazza let me get my tiny violin ready
  7. Trophy reset fail - another bug

    He is annoyed he said it’s ruined his week and now there is no point in playing because if he loses it will take 40 game winning streak to recover 1 loss
  8. Yesterday
  9. Trophy reset fail - another bug

    Ruins it for everyone really . Don't know how bazza feels about it but I'm not interested we're I Finnish this week. Probably just play for packs
  10. Trophy reset fail - another bug

    It’s stupid how they do that ruins the week for others

    Funny stop taking to me bitch


    Don’t be 100% sure about that😛😝

    He can stay away and so can you
  15. Trophy reset fail - another bug

    Ive not reset alex . I think it' because I was playing in the arena during the reset . I would rather start from 4000 to be honest because whatever I do this week isn't legit
  16. The Child

    That’s rude i was on a break so wasn’t to me it was for the rest of the guys and haven’t u uninstalled yet
  17. The Child

    I have to say HARROLD im glad this happened to you. All the shit you cause you deserved it. Maybe now we can move on and play the game for fun
  18. Trophy reset fail - another bug

    If you can screen shot the profiles of the players and send me them I will pass the account details onto the development team.
  19. Android Update (1.1.2s)

    A new android update was put live on Friday, This resolves the cross platform Friendlies issue. All members of the same League should be able to access Friendlies posted regardless of platform now. Additionally our developers have been working to optimise the servers. The work has been finalised and been pushed live coinciding with the Android update. Users of all platforms should now see an improvement on amount of lag experienced within the game. Please let us know if you don't see any improvement.

    Currently we don't have any more Arenas up our sleeves. And we will be looking to expand the number of Arenas over time be it for new Arenas, special tournaments or other options we are looking at.
  21. The Child

    None the less, we have no affiliation with this accusation. You can say all you want but we but not cheat to win. We report the cheats because we are skilled enough in the game to compete.
  22. The Child

    It makes sense now why ur not very good with people skills cause ur home schooled
  23. The Child

    As the the president of goal nation I can assure you this had nothing to do with my league. Stop the accusations its getting boring now! Your obsessed with keeping all this going you really are!
  24. Trophy reset fail - another bug

    Why did 2 players - Wes and Bazza not have trophies reset? How can others compete if 2 players start 1600 trophies above the reset line!!???? Game is an absolute joke.
  25. The Child

    It’s a under 19 bank at the exact time of when I posted it and u said u think I’m 30 I’m 13!!
  26. The Child

    i mean what does that show? honestly. apart from the fact your batterys low. thats it
  27. The Child

    Yep and 12pm onwards on Tuesday Wednesday and Fridays 😋
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