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  2. Do you still require support to retrieve your original account?
  3. Earlier

    Thank you for your update
  5. I did report the information through the in-game help/FAQ and they just told me to link my account.. which doesn't help me in this case, because that's what got me into this mess.
  6. If you report this information through the in-game support our staff will be able to restore the original account.

    We sincerely apologise for the delay in having these designs available. The member of staff responsible for these has been unexpectedly unavailable. We hope to have more information in the near future. Once again, sorry.
  8. Club Name: NPGs Manager Level: 6 Trophy Count/Arena level: 1,417. Arena 5. League name(if applicable.): One of us scores
  9. I was trying to connect my SM Arena Facebook account to my PC, so I could play it on Steam, but I did it in reverse and somehow got my PC game onto my phone. I tried uninstalling the app, and reinstalling it, and tried reconnecting to my Facebook, but for some reason it only lets me used the fresh account. I want to use my account with 1,400 trophies! I have worked very hard grinding this game, and it's upsetting that this has happened.
  10. Leaderboard rewards

    Couldn't agree more... A lot of players lose interest when they realise you don't get anything for ending season high on the leaderboard so it's in the games interest to add this
  11. The weekly leaderboard needs a reward for the top 3. After 2 days of doing the league pack i have no reason to play as you never get elite xp. Id play all week if there were rewards. It would make people spend money aswell more competative

    Any updates on progression for the new arena?? Also do you plan on introducing rewards for the leaderboard?
  13. Lost my account!

    Yeah its been restored, thank-you!
  14. Lost my account!

    Hi, I believe this issue should now be resolved with your original account restored.
  15. 106 cards!

    and another slider on your bench and you wil good squad for arena
  16. 106 cards!

    Just recently packed Messi so he is up front! Was using Benzema before so he comes on as super sub now
  17. 106 cards!

    vidal is quality card and so is pogba, if you have messi and ron then you got a great team godin is decent aswel

    i think it does, you could go days without getting anything good and all of a sudden you get back to back good packs! I packed Messi twice in 2 days!!
  19. 106 cards!

    Ahh ok! Not fussed then if they arnt good anyway! Im using Godin and Vidal at the back just now with Pogba infront so quite happy the now! Just need access back onto my account!
  20. 106 cards!

    Can't get Lahm or Alonso anymore they are legacy now. Also they are not very good cards
  21. 106 cards!

    Nice one! Im no where near collecting them all. Can you still get Lahm from packs?
  22. 100 consecutive wins.

    All them wins and only nine 5-0 victories?! Well played though thats some achievement
  23. Lost my account!

    Ive just lost my account! Is there anyway i can recover it? I tried to link my account to my ipad and messed up now ive got a totally new account on both devices. I was arena 8 and just packed Messi! I can give all account info as proof. Help!!!
  24. Stuck at 50%

    I am having the same problem always gets stuck at 50%. It let me on first time round but then after that it stopped working for me. I am in the UK (Leicester) Yes my clock is set correcting and I'm playing off an IOS device
  25. Stuck at 50%

    We are sorry to hear you're having an issue with the game. If you can provide us with some more information we can look at fixing this for you as soon as possible. Can you please tell us: The device/platform you are playing on The device's OS. Is the first time you have launched the app or do you have an account already, maybe installed on a different device using the same accounts ? Username if you have one (You can DM me with the Username if you don't want to post it publicly) And your Location (we are working with some regional publishers and may need to communicate with them to resolve issues) Also is your device's CLOCK set to the correct time? Thank you for reporting your issue to us.
  26. Stuck at 50%

    It is stuck at 50% and can someone help
  27. Additions to the game.

    How about weekly challenges were you can only use all good, superb or elite players
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