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    Hi, you should go to '' settings '' - '' data packs'' and choose '' super world pack''. This is the pack that the game starts.
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    also maybe world cup stadium in south africa, neon green pitch and people with vuvuzela horns
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    I chose the top one which has fixed it thanks.
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    My and my clan (italia) always talk about how bad the chances of packing a new player is, recently....I dont know what changed but holy cow.... I free packed: Neuer Pogba Lewandoski Vidal all in a day are pack chances increased? am i the only one?
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    On defense, do you hold your finger on the opponent with the ball or spam click them. I'm having a problem where one guy will pressure by running to the opponent and the opponent would just run past him and my player would end up chasing him even though my player started in front of the opponent. Also whenever one of players pressures, the rest of my players run away so I have nobody on defense.
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    my location is Singapore.
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    Hi, not sure if this has come up before but I would like a way to either sell or trade in players. I have so many players that I do not use and have stupid high xp on them. I know you can donate xp but it would take forever and some players everyone has and are in the same situation. maybe a quick sell option similar to ultimate team in fifa where you get a nominal value for the player or even a way of transferring do between players. It doesn't have to be a 1 for 1 transfer maybe using say 5 or 10 XP from one players to buy 1 XP for another player. anywaythat's my idea.
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    Maybe some historical pitches (a castle courtyard etc) or some fantasy ones or maybe a volcano with burnt stones and fire. markings on pitch could be drawn in lava and glowing.
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    As you have previously reported your account being affected with a loading error (stuck at 50%) can you please confirm that this is resolved before we being looking at your Data Pack issue as there is a strong possibility they are related.
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    CHINA Scene: Great Wall Pitch: Large Square Stones Background: Forbidden City, Imperial Palace, Dragons, etc. MEXICO Scene: Azteca Stadium Pitch: Pale Green with Brown Patches Background: Mexican Flag, People with Ponchos and Big Sombreros
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    Location: - Tetris Themed Arena Theme: - Pixel Art, Pixelated players and square for a ball, (tetirs block)
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    Challenge matches already have rewards associated with them once completed. Successfully completing Challenges awards the player with Credits and Manager Points. While there is also less risk attached therefore this would leave the League Pack open to abuse. For these reasons we will not be enabling goals scored in Challenges to contribute to the League Packs.
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    Hello, well there should be some kind of rules while playing friendly games or challenges to become the game more even... For example I am a level 7 player and playing a friendly game with a level 8 player... The friendly rules must say that the level of the players wouldn't be higher than level 7. Then the players based on their skills (good superb elite) would be leveled down to good : 5, superb : 3 elite : 1. If you have lower level then stays as it is.