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    The Early access is a benefit for active forum users. Due to this current account being an attempt to bypass restrictions currently in place on your original account, access will not be provided.
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    Hello all. Many of the topics being created recently appear to quickly fall of topic and directly into a war of insults and accusations. The level of "banter" is quickly turning into personally targeted abuse. Some threads even have been created with the sole purpose of doing this. This flies in the face of the forums rules and expected behaviour. Disciplinary action will be taken should such behaviour be witnessed going forward. The game and it's supporting platforms are designed for use by users all ages, creating a competitive but inclusive area for those with a shared interest. Please keep this in mind when composing a post and look to use language and an attitude that is befitting of such an environment. We do not wish to take away the competitive edge that has saw this community grow. However we do ask that you keep it civil and respectful! Thanks for reading. Good Luck in the Arena! (P.S. This is a general warning to all users. Please do not reply to the post with accusations of who started it or "so and so done it first")
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    Guys, remember you are just adding to the problem, you can’t beat a fool doing foolish things, we just become them.
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    We experienced some down time on the iOS platform last night. Some users might have seen a screen stating "An Update is available" which restricted your access to the game. This was an error with our servers and was quickly resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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    It is sad that the only reason Bazza gets grief is because he is good at the game. Having been in HJM for a long time, he never badmouths anyone. Yet he gets so much grief from people for no apparent reason.
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    Bazza bazza bazza always bazza... write here what you wrote on hjm ‘ s chat about my wife and daughters... you should have banned from sma and instead you are still here talkin trash about me...
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    Hi All, As our wonderful Forum community contains many of the most active high achievers playing Soccer Manager Arena. We are looking to offer the opportunity for early access for you to provide you thoughts and feedback to us. To gain access to the BETA version please complete the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/HmvWt8K3PrfQUq1H2 You can read about the upcoming changes here (Update Sneak Peaks) Currently we can only provide BETA access to mobile devices(iOS/Android). Also at this stage certain features may not be available but will become available with time. While on the BETA version you will have access to your LIVE profile. League actions will be available (Chat, Donate/Request, League Goals) but due to the major changes in the Match Engine you will be unable to be matched up with users on the current LIVE VERSION. This includes in Ladder, Challenge and Friendly matches.
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    I dabble, but still like to have a full collection like everyone else! And while I won't be confirming my in-game name. Please give me some credit, I've got more creativity than that! Got him anyway, Thanks.
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    Yeah scored a few myself. I always try get slide tackle in from the side when near my own goal. But can’t be helped if the attackers got the run on u and u need to slide from behind. More often than not it ends up in the back of your own net
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    Guys what do you think about adding to the game a feature that would basically be a Champions Cup where in a certain day of the week, at a right time, the players that get qualified play doing a group stage and then elimination rounds in order to win like cash or coins, something like that? And why I’m I thinking about this? It would be interesting to see player getting recognized not because they can play 100 games a day(I’m exagerating but you understand) but because they’re genuinely good!(or got lucky, it happens sometimes :D) think it would be something that would add a lot of preparation and other type of challenges to the game. Thats all, good games to everyone.
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    Well said Alex and hopefully it will all stop (fingers crossed)
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    Currently we don't have any more Arenas up our sleeves. And we will be looking to expand the number of Arenas over time be it for new Arenas, special tournaments or other options we are looking at.
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    This has been a common theme in the feedback we have received. I can confirm that in the next build it will be removed. The aim was to add an element of realism, with better players better controlling the ball and rewarding better quality passing and build up. However we accept that it does not feel within your control and will have it turned off. Also I have been informed that direct friendlies will be available in the next update so you will be able to challenge one another (regardless of league). And check out the new shooting system against real players.
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    It becomes an argue when u put my name on it.. just you and your friends stop talking always about me.. enjoy the game and have fun... whos the better player the lederboard shows every week... and of course if that is me u all say i cheat someway somehow... and btw we all know u wrote those things, theres no need of a screenshot
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    Bazza bazza bazza always bazza... write here what you wrote on hjm ‘ s chat about my wife and daughters... you should have banned from sma and instead you are stilo here talkin trash about me... that says a lot of sma
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    Ignore the snakes they got nothing better to do
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    No drama boys. I was beaten by James fair and square. We were in the same club and he continued to use the winky face emoji and posting ‘thanks’ every time he scored. When the game had finished we went back into the lobby and he had shared the game replay with the heading ‘another one bites the dust’ Considering we were in the same club, I questioned if James had learning difficulties. Due to the fact he felt it necessary to start a forum thread about it, I can conclude that he is a very, very, very special boy.
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    Not played quite as many matches as Morrison but agree with most of what he's said. Not sure the ball drop makes it any fairer (no complaints anyway) but I like that it means the game starts with the ball in different positions. I like the shooting too but find the ball goes slightly to the left of the line I draw. Easy enough to adjust to take this into account though. I also like that you have to get your guy running but it does take far too long to get the ball under control. As with Morrison, I don't like that the players have gone down to having 1 special ability as it means half the players will rarely be used (I've had to replace Messi and Alba straight away).
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    Also on fixtures it doesn't show my most recent games
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    And I thought you were ignoring me!
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    Thanks for the feedback and the access info. We believed it was simply a matter of time as the BETA version propagated throughout the Play Store. This confirms it. Cheers.
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    Ive played about 10 games of the new version of the game. First thing that jumps out at me is its very slow its like running through mud! And the passing is pretty slow and not very accurate. The shooting system i like apart from a few times ive pressed shoot and the player just kept running? Goalkeeping im not so good at but its positive for the game that you dont just shoot and score everytime.the drop ball at the start i like alot, but i can understand why people wouldnt maybe you choose heads or tales at start could be an option? Now a player only has 1 ability is good for the game but i still dont get that stones can slide 13 times and better players who are elite only 3 its way to lopsided in favour of the poorer player in real life, ramos for example is a way better player than stones but in this game you would choose stones everytime as he can do 4 times more sliding. Il keep playing and see what else i find
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    They should have some reward for top 3 players and 3 league i think.
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    I agree with Morrison that the tournaments are a great idea. Otherwise the update look bad. I dont like de animation of the kicking and goalkeeping. Think it will slow down the game. They only update needed is the tournaments and a change with the ratings of players.
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    good news. morrison u have no idea. this will completely ruin the game. i may aswel delete the game now 1. Ball drops randomly at the start of a match. pish 2. goaly has the ball after a goal. pish 3. 3d shooting, could be hard to get used to dont see a problem in that 4. No shooting inside box. weird 5. in general. pish i strongly disagree with this update its going to make a fun game die out... the video looks shite just my opinion wayyyyy to many changes that will fuck it up
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    Alex I’m thinking of running a little competition on here for a little more interest. Can you confirm you can get the league leaderboard standings from previous season to me one way or another?
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    Coming in the next update… SNEAK PEEK #1 – Football Clash: All Stars! Your favourite 5-a-side game is being re-named Football Clash: All Stars and will have a brand new user interface. SNEAK PEEK #2 – Tournaments! A new feature that allows Clubs to compete in tournaments to win prizes, show off their talent on the pitch and challenge to be the last team standing. SNEAK PEEK #3 – 3D Shooting & Goalkeeping Experience! Immerse yourself in the action with a new 3D dynamic shooting and goalkeeping experience. Curl shots into the top corner or go for pure power. SNEAK PEEK #4 – Matchday Improvements! You cannot score inside the penalty area. All shots must be outside the box. Only one ability per player. Instant goal replays. At the start of the match the ball randomly enters the Arena. Challenges resolved quicker. Ball can bounce free after a challenge. Only one ability per player. Add curl to shooting and passing. Keeper can do swipe passes: through balls. Keeper starts with the ball after a goal has been scored. SNEAK PEEK #5 – Four New Cards! New Good Card: Bobby – a Forward. New Superb Card: The Bull – a Keeper. New Superb Card: Titan – a Defender. New Superb Card: O Gato – a Keeper. SNEAK PEEK #6 – Change in Player Levels! Flying Pharaoh: Good –> Superb Kannonball: Superb –> Elite Danish Dynamo: Good –> Superb Cat: Elite –> Superb Petr the Great: Superb –> Good El Jefecito: Superb –> Good Ibracadabra: Superb –> Good SNEAK PEEK #7 – Cards in Different Arenas! We have shuffled the Player Cards to give a better spread of Special Abilities throughout the Arenas. SNEAK PEEK #8 – Legacy Cards! Pitbull and El Condor are to become Legacy cards. Legacy cards will be discontinued after 30 days. SNEAK PEEK #9 – 3 New Abilities! Super Reflexes: goalkeeper can cover all areas of the goal. Through Ball: swipe passes are more accurate. Movement: when you drag a player off the ball they will receive speed boost. SNEAK PEEK #10 – Friends! A function to Add/Remove Friends. You can now Challenge your friends who aren’t in your League to a friendly. Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion. See you in the Arena!
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    Naw mate. 1st place league gets 4 pts 2nd place league gets 2 pts 3rd + 4th get a point each its a comp for leagues. No for individual players.
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    ul be better off on tinder . a game should have aims. targets as such
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    My boy Keato and Gorse for me. always gives me a game
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    Its tournaments I want mate. Hopefully get them
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    Thanks bro :-)
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    And also ur r one the best , i think
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    And me ? 😂😂
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    Thanks bro. You too. Let’s run away together 😉
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    Poor stoller 😔 if its any consolation I think your a top player mate
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    Wes, Bare. I haven’t played Willy yet been told he’s fantastic and Gorse.
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    Hey S. Do you mean top players as in Ronaldo, Messi etc or top players as in guys who play the game?
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    Glad of that. Well done for the swift action Alex
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    Oh well looks like alex deleted the other thread before it got messy.
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    I like the idea of special tournaments. You’d probably get an increase on people putting money in the game too.
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    Hi everyone I've seen it a few times whilst in leagues but I’ve been doing this more and more frequently. when an attacker is baring down on your goal and you catch him with a normal tackle INSIDE you box, then if you win and without him shooting or you passing it goes in your goal. The reason for this topic was I’ve done it a few times in the past week or so and I was just wondering if anyone else noticed an increase in this own goal bug. Thank you for your time.
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    Off topic again.
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    Lacl of respect is the biggest concern at the minute
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    Hi, As of Friday 19/01/18 some work was finalised and put live with a view to improving the latency reported by a number of users (especially at peak times). Please keep us updated on any improvements or a lack of as you continue to play the game.
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    Locked this thread and would like to point you to
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    it seems like as soon as one bugs fixed. another appears...
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    A new android update was put live on Friday, This resolves the cross platform Friendlies issue. All members of the same League should be able to access Friendlies posted regardless of platform now. Additionally our developers have been working to optimise the servers. The work has been finalised and been pushed live coinciding with the Android update. Users of all platforms should now see an improvement on amount of lag experienced within the game. Please let us know if you don't see any improvement.
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