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    You would say that gorse your a city fan. The best players (elite) should be able to do the most not the least. Its common sense
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    Coming in the next update… SNEAK PEEK #1 – Change in Player Levels! Ibracadabra: Elite -> Superb Golden Boy: Elite -> Superb Di Magia: Elite -> Superb Hypnotist: Superb -> Elite Ginger Genius: Superb -> Elite La Joya: Superb -> Elite Cyclone: Superb -> Good La Jirafa: Good -> Superb SNEAK PEEK #2 – Four New Cards! New Good Card: Pocket Knife – a Ball Playing Defender. New Superb Card: The Enforcer – a Defensive Midfielder. New Good Card: El Torero – A Winger. New Superb Card: Red Imp – a Forward. COMING SOON – Tournaments! 8 Clubs enter a Tournament with each contributing a set number of Credits. It’s a straight knockout tournament with a quarter final, semi final and final. The winner takes the glory and wins a share of the Credits! Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion. See you in the Arena!
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    Why are green sliders aloud to slide 12 times a game and the best players elite only 3 times? This is very unfair as it costs loads more to upgrade elite players. It basically means the crappy players like stones are better than pique and godin which in real life there not. Every game i play now is just the same as the 1 before all sliders no skill. Surely you would think the elite players could do more than the average 1s
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    “Invitations” Hkane! 😉
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    Invatations* wow I can’t type lol
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    I have never been able to use the free cash button which presumably makes you watch an add. All i get is “please try again later”. I’ve literally tried 1000’s of times but it doesn’t works. iphone 8, ios11, ipad 2017, ios 11
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    During the past two years, the World Cup qualifying matches were held in different continents, in order to identify the teams to the Russian World Cup. The Russian national team came to this tournament as the first team to host the tournament without participating in the World Cup qualifiers, after which the Brazilian national team confirmed their presence in the tournament. Brazilian national team But we should mention our country's national football team as one of the phenomena of this period as a third team to Russia. Our national team has only two goals in the World Cup qualifiers He received the final match against Syria, as the leader of the group and without loss to the World Cup, so that for the first time in the history of the national matches, the Iranian national team will also have two successive World Cups. The list of teams that climbs to the Russian World Cup, whose presence has been finalized to this day, is as follows: Russia Brazil Japan Iran Belgium England Saudi Arabia Germany South Korea Mexico source: تور روسیه جام جهانی
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    Must be before my time. I’ve only been playing a month or so
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    Thats really poor. Ruining a great game
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    The new vein... another league that wanted un downfall
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    I will hopefully have them banned from game soon.. 2 of the people have changed there names but hopefully that won't matter
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    This is a joke... some players can do things and 3 in my league have kicked every member out, I'm absolutely fuming with it all.. So disheartening and down right disgusting from the game makers that i can't do anything to stop this
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    The game is totally unplayable now. This is really poor. Where is the support team?
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    I’m not spending any more money on this game until it fixes
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    Cant open player packs now. Whats going on?
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    Evening chaps. If you want to join our league, post here. You must commit to contributing to the league pack though. We get 10/10 most weeks
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    Yeah, chat broken again. Must be an error on the SM Arena server end
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    Playing on ios 11, iphone 8. Was working fine earlier today I should add
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    We should set up a greek army chat here too
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    Same here Hkane
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    HEY GUYS, I TOOK A LONG BREAK DUE TO THE CRASHES THAT HAVE BEEN HAPPENING BUT I AM BACK I am really good at video editing and actually have multiple awards for it, I have a great idea that can boost our community to its heights. The community channel will have: Goals of the weeks Tactics Player reviews PACKS OF THE WEEK Tournaments Hosted by Me Update Reviews Developer Interviews Here is the problem tho: I will need help from the Game team to Advertise the channel I will need help for the game team to give me support for the start of this project OF course the Game Community is the most important thing,I will need them to collaborate and be active. How to achieve this: I will work on the channel and channel AD SMA TEAM promotes the channel through social media and IN-game Community involvement Do you think this is A good idea!! Would You Like This To Be A Project Tell me your suggestions below hoping for contact with the Team Lets grow out community Kemo
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    Couldn't agree more... A lot of players lose interest when they realise you don't get anything for ending season high on the leaderboard so it's in the games interest to add this
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    get to 4k and you'll be able to join one of the big leagues if you are active