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    are you saying that the rumours of you being Illuminati are mistaken?
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    They are restored my account. I was very worried but everything is solved. Thank you!!
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    how about a meta leader board, like highest average finish. or a special league winner's kit. the trouble with in-game rewards for winning though is it makes the rich richer and prevents others from catching up.
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    The weekly leaderboard needs a reward for the top 3. After 2 days of doing the league pack i have no reason to play as you never get elite xp. Id play all week if there were rewards. It would make people spend money aswell more competative
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    We will look to restore the upgrades and any lost player levels.
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    Guys from my league spent cash upgrading players then they go and reset the level of the players my friend Sean maguire spent 70-80k upgrading Kevin de Bruyne and dybala and Isco and how can they can refunds
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    when the game was still in beta all players could slide tackle.
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    I will play it. U have a league?
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    It's morrison and goal kings they seem to have nothing better to do than think of conspiracy theories haha I find it funny that they all think we are the same player
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    sorry about that. it was so absurd when someone suggested it that i figured it would be ironic to connect you to more famous conspiracy theories, like the moon landing or the JFK assassination.
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    maybe raequan faked the moon landing
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    To qualify for the LP you need 1 goal... I would want the options to change that so each league can set a minimum goal tally, for example instead of 1 goal players stealing the LP leagues can set it higher like 50 goals and no one lower than amount would qualify for the League pack once completed or timer runs out Is this something you can implement or even thought about implementing ??
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    By design only 1 League Pack should have been available to any 1 Club per week. The benefits of being able to change Leagues and unlock multiple level 10 packs are great. Yet the balance was wrong. Users were able to contribute goals from as little as a single match and receive benefits far greater than the level of contribution. As was previously announced in the latest update information we are shortly beginning work on the introduction of Tournaments. A future variety of which will provide the incentive to play outside of the League Pack. With regards to the added social side of this, this was not something we received much positive feedback about, rather the opposite tended to occur. With complaints of Clubs coming and going being highly detrimental to the stability of the Leagues.
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    in real life elite players are more difficult to manage, so it takes a higher level manager to get the best out of them.
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    Please put your glasses on and read properly what i put... the other account i had had low trophies and wasn't good enough for my leagues plus it's dead now. It doesn't matter anyway as it's not me... You said he uses the emojis in same way i do but with that thinking in mind does that mean every player who uses the angry emoji is you?? As you are the angriest player i face in the arena
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    Wow this is comedy gold, i can assure you i am Gorse Hill and no one else on the game.. Also Raequann is only level 8 manager so surely if it was me i would have green sliders in my team and not elites with only 2 boosts?? Plus if i was this other player on over 4k trophies why would i be in elite and not in one of my own league's of UN or un2? I've played Raequan he's a good player and he's beat me a few times, ended my 33 game win streak on Monday when he beat me 2-1 The irony is once upon time i did have a 2nd account and it was in Elite i had it in there as their President is good guy but that account was called GH MCFC and it's been dead since May. That was my laptop and i was dog poo on that, kept getting spanked 5 nil by anyone half decent and it didn't have much more than 2k trophies... Phone is much better to play on So just to clarify as not all Ushited fans have brains I am Gorse Hill and no one else and all i know of Raequann is he's a tough opponent and i have to be at my best to beat him, sorry to pour cold water over your conspiracy theory haha
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    I saw the guy from elite and he has 619 wins how the fuck can he have soo much time to play he works
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    Im saying raequan is you gorsehill lol play the same. Talk and emojis the same. Ul deny it but i know. Up to you if you want more than 1 team clever really. Any1 chasing you you can play with other team to get them to drop trophies. I havent the time for 1 team never mind more.
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    I try to play matches and it searches for a players for about 5 seconds and then it crashes and won’t let me play urghhh!!! So many bugs need fixing
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    Same, it seems as though everyone is having the same problem.
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    Thats not a glitch..... its a shambles. Where are the Dev’s?
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    just need someone to back me up so I stop being targeted here
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    I played that game for many years but they ruined it with updates, it became too predictable where best team always won which was boring.. Have you ever played it?