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    We sincerely apologise for the delay in having these designs available. The member of staff responsible for these has been unexpectedly unavailable. We hope to have more information in the near future. Once again, sorry.
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    The weekly leaderboard needs a reward for the top 3. After 2 days of doing the league pack i have no reason to play as you never get elite xp. Id play all week if there were rewards. It would make people spend money aswell more competative
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    Hi, I believe this issue should now be resolved with your original account restored.
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    All them wins and only nine 5-0 victories?! Well played though thats some achievement
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    How about weekly challenges were you can only use all good, superb or elite players
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    New animated pack opening is now in the Arena in our latest update.
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    Sorry for taking the step and answering to you I am not a member of the support team , but that's not a bug... Every Monday the trophies above 4000 erasing to 4000... If you see to your profile page there is an '' i '' button and everything is written there.
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    Welcome and congratulations on your progress! This is a feature that has been requested a number of times. Local and even further broken down with more advanced filters. This is something we are going to be looking at adding. However, after the official release we have a small number of important issues that require our focus. We will be looking to add this feature in the future, but I cannot put a time scale on it just yet.
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    i think you have to enter a prize for the season. for example from 4000 to 4500 thophies a prize,from 4500 to 5000 another etc.. because every season the season resets to 4000 But without any prize. I think it's not that stimulating so add a package or something would make it an incentive
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    agree completely, joop. i think the most elegant solution is to add a line in the player profile screen for "last login date," right below the name. I'm pretty sure the data exists in the code anyway.