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    Dear SMA and the rest of the community I am sad to report that Hakuna Juan Mata have been cheating. For quite how long I honestly couldn’t attest to. But I would say guess for at least a month. There lies within the game the ability to use the Challenges mode of the game to cheat and “gift” trophies to league members. Please find full explaination as follows; The glitch is this. A player with high trophies goes on a challenge at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME as a lower level teammate goes to play a normal game. If they match, the higher ranked player throws the game. Winner gets trophies. Loser loses nothing. I believe that this is the reason Hakuna Juan Mata have managed to accrue so many trophies recently. But particularly this week when they have had to up their game to compete with a new and arguably superior rival league. Additionally I believe that this is the reason many of the top ranked players have achieved so many trophies over the last few weeks. It would be very easy for 3 or 4 players in the same league to plan to go online at the same time during the small hours when there aren’t many people playing and take turns to gift trophies to each other. This is blatant and outrageous cheating. And it essentially renders the game pointless. Does the league number one spot matter? Not when people cheat, no. Does the individual number one spot matter? Not when people cheat, no. So. Unless something is done about this, the game, which I love, is moribund. However, the solution is simple. SMA developers, please can you do the following ASAP; ensure that players playing Challenges match ONLY other players doing likewise and players playing League games match ONLY those doing the same. Then there will finally be a level playing field. PS should it be required I can provide irrefutable photographic proof to substantiate my accusations in this post. I await SMA’s response keenly
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    I get that it isn’t against the rules to play how you guys are playing at hakuna it is actually very clever but if you guys are anyware near as competitive as myself you would like to play the game on an even playing field. For when they fix the matching algorithm and the trophy abusing techniques you guys are using you will get a shock but for now you play your way we’ll play our way but I’m surprised your enjoying having a considerable advantage in game
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    Hakuna was 4 merged league to make it up too
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    U see mate thats what happens when u get on with everyone. U can pull everyone together and make a top league rather than having everyone as an enemy. And just for the record here btw u done the team talk for us after posting those leaderboard picks so thanks very much for that mate. Appreciate it
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    Seems around the same time as yesterday that the problems have started? Essential maintenance? Emergency engineering works? At least give us a replacement bus service...
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    Well said Hearts. I know full well that 48 of you are decent guys.
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    HKane are we really doing this now? Sharing pictures of wins against each others league members? Seems a little immature I must say. I mean, by all means share within your league, but trying to goad us on here is pretty juvenile by anyone's standards. In point of fact, I just beat your friend Barry but it was a good game between two good players and I am not going to post a picture of it on here. Please tell him Good Game from me. (I did say it numerous times at the end but he must have lost connection or had to answer the door bell or something because he didn't manage to say Good Game back to me...)
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    Listen man, I’m new to this but not to the game, it seems you’ve pissed off a lot of through drama or childish behaviour, either or something else. Regardless this is a game and this is a forum for that game. Play it and give respect when due. Dish out the dirt and prepare to receive a harsh atmosphere. This is actually a football game app and not real life so enjoy when you can and you’ll meet some cool people along the way.
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    You apologise which is all good then you start fishing for answers for things that no one cares about . Just play the game
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    Hi Guys, I'd like to bring attention to the SMA team and the community that there seems to be a hacker of some sort among us. This very immature individual manages to join leagues when they are full or on invite only, where he seems to gain President and VP privileges upon joining without being assigned this. Keeping this in mind, he then kicks people from the league, changes league descriptions and changes trophy requirements etc. The person in question is HkaneLEGEND. He also has another account called CCCCOOOOYYYSSS! (this is the account that the hacking seems to take place). In the pictures attached, you can see the evidence. In picture 1 you can see him being extra cute with another member of the community, claiming he is HKane and that he is also racist (no one asked). Finally, in the second picture you can see he has joined (the league was full) and without being promoted, removed 2 people from the league before leaving. A word to the SMA team, myself and many many others from your community believe this person should have all accounts banned as he is clearly violating the rules and causing general tomfoolery. This is ruining the game for many people and needs to be looked into. A word to HKane, I understand that you're very troubled, but please get a grip of your sad sad life and do something worthwhile with your time. You are doing no good to anyone with your disrespect and hacking. If you find any of these accounts in your league, I suggest giving him a good old boot. Thanks for reading. Keato x
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    Currently we don't have any more Arenas up our sleeves. And we will be looking to expand the number of Arenas over time be it for new Arenas, special tournaments or other options we are looking at.
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    None the less, we have no affiliation with this accusation. You can say all you want but we but not cheat to win. We report the cheats because we are skilled enough in the game to compete.
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    I like this game alot but we can all agree after a few weeks it gets repetetive. theres really nothing to aim for because you go back to 4000 anyways. heres a few ideas to make the game worth the amount of time we put in. 1. League levels - League levels dont only show how well your leagues doing on a week to week basis but on a milestone basis. for example everytime your league levels up you get perks. now these can be decided by the game developers but for example double XP for every donations you make and quicker request rates stuff like that ( this isnt my idea ) 2. Now for me this would be a game changer. what about a separate game mode with whole different leaderboards - 11 aside ... i know this would define the whole point in the game ( 5-aside ) but its just an idea - like everyone has 30 games a week to play and for every win you get 3 points and every draw you get 1 point ( loss -3 ) it just means if you get bored/frustrated with 5s you can compete in this 11s 30 game challange with the top 3 getting rewards this would also stop all the bs kick off goals that even un-skilled players can win by 3. This is a few ideas in one but all going along the same lines... How about personalised profiles/kits/league badges ect. theres alot that can get the players involved more with there own profile and make it Unique. Loads of variations of colours/designs to really make your club feel you. The lag - we all know these ideas would cause a hell alot of lag as a minor update of legends has made the game almost unplayable so that needs sorted ASAP. Finaly the leagues need abit more in it other that donations and friendlies... how about mini games like penalty shoot outs and free kick games ect and weekly objectives for the league to compete and complete together... i may add more to this soon but let me know what everyone thinks. some are abit mainstream some are simple but all can be achieved... - CFC Denham
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    Hkane. Please stop this. Dont troll them and dont react.
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    The word your looking for is combine. Combing is like combing your hair u complete idiot now fuck off and give everyone peace no one cares anymore. Leave goal nation alone we do our thing u do yours!
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    Not sure how much that would help. Maybe just limit how many people VPs can kick per day or something. I like the win streak idea though. You build it up for ages then lose a game and it's like it never happened.
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    And so it begins.....
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    Muller. if u know you know
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    Think i might start playing thro the night haha no trophies for you n bazza
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    Have a look and tell for yourself!
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    How many linked accounts they have
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    Hey everyone, I’ve just registered to this and will be coming on to give my say and opinion.
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    Update... Don't they usually wait till mid league pack to do those haha
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    And please let me know what you win this week for being no1. The players in my league have lives
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    Hkane you dont like time wasting lol youve got 3 accounts that i know of, you must have plenty time on your hands. And stay out of goalprinces your not welcome there and leave liam alone or you will be reported to sm
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    Why go there and cause trouble? Surprised willy puts up with your crap.
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    Hope you get there mate. Youl be sweating the closer you get
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    Ive just hit 100 but not legit.... played wes 100th game i was just about to lose but he gave me the last 2 goals. Thats proper team mates. Cant wait til i lose now cz ive been sweating like fuck since 90 wins
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    I quote u guys said we (hakuna Juan mata) need to step back once goal nation was made and full u was 6-7k infront of us now 600 yh that’s never happening but good luck with it and I would like respect in the arena between the leagues not saying oops or angry face and no good game or well played
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    I have been on to a member of the development team and this will be resolved. There are two potential solutions, one of which will be implemented on the next update. The cross over between the two will be removed, or the League members will not be able to play against each other. One third potential solution is a combination of them both. There will be no more cross over between Ladder and Challenge matches, and Members from the same league will not longer be matched in any competitive game. I will lock this thread now and post once I have received confirmation on the method of resolution.
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    This game needs cash rewards for weekly top 3!knockout Tournaments! And most important reveal what accounts are linked so we can see who all the cheats are!
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    Until Alex (or someone from support does) does, I’m joining willy and leaving the game. Dont like being called a cheat when its a complete lie. If its going on then its not being discussed in our league chat so i’m not sure how anyone is substantiating the claims. I enjoyed the battle for first place last week but people being sore losers claiming they were cheated is bad form. Also, people disrespecting fellow competitors is poor form (thats not aimed at you gorse, I know you are a gent in the game). So I think I’ll take a wee break and maybe pop my head back in later some time.
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    Hello everyone! been playing this game for last 3 weeks i do enjoy it but cannot say i like the constantly lagg it comes and ago, lagg its a gamekiller...for a simple game that doesnt need that high connection something its terrible wrong...u must give a better maintenance or make us be able to play on our pc connection as mainserver! maybe show conection latency from all so we can decide to play with that player or not, or make some rules about limit connection to be able to play game! hope u read it and kep the good work on making this game better...thanks.:)
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    Possibly (hopefully not)
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    stoller ohh yh I remember u broke my 34 game win streak
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    I just wanted to say sorry for all my actions towards Morrison bareselona and gorse Hill I shouldn’t have been so rude to u guys I assure you it won’t happen again I hope u can accept my apology
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    Well done guys, and still one more to go. . . .
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    Here here.. Agreed
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    What?? Have u had a look at yourself arguing with a 13 year old over a game and yes he is a pain in the arse against whoever he plays against
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    Your calculations must be way off then. I have us well ahead when we have our full squad. Still some top players to join yet son Guys coming out of retirement and all sorts.
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    Because your wormy. You worm your way in then kick everyone.
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    Ok I’m sorry for being an idiot and inappropriately joining goal princes
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    Please don't try to come back into our League Hkane or CCCOOOYYYSSSS or whatever your name is. We're a new league full of decent lads trying to build something. If you have a personal issue with somebody please find a more mature way to resolve it...
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    Yeah i've been taught a lesson off Willy a few times in his 100 win streak ha
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    Thanks Bare. Things are going good so far. Top 50 within 24 hours with only 25 players so a promising start. Plenty of room for new guys who fancy a new challenge though
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    I'm with Gorse on that one. It's the crying face when someone scores against you that's the most disrespectful. Makes me try even harder to beat them. I use the winky face a lot but it's never intended to wind people up...