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    i suggest a category of all-time greats cards. maybe as a reward for players in the beta once the game goes live? some suggestions: pele, maradona, zidane, charlton, yashin, cruyff, beckenbauer di stefano? puskas? maldini? others?
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    Sorry for taking the step and answering to you I am not a member of the support team , but that's not a bug... Every Monday the trophies above 4000 erasing to 4000... If you see to your profile page there is an '' i '' button and everything is written there.
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    1. club leader should get a captain badge with higher privlages than club members 2. top 3 players should get monthly awards or boosted aftergames rewards or better packs 3.after arena 8 we can have a league; every one gets 10 PVP games with 3 points for win 1 for draw 0 for loss top 3 players gets rewards 4. club matchups 11V11 club v club like a clash of clans kinda system winning club can get awards badges 5. trophy room to showcase players stats like vetran(beta tester) top player(top 10 world wide) leader(club leader) these are seperate from achievments and are shown as cups this showcases a persons achievments in a room format 6. special cards for events like XMAS OR HALLOWEEN that get unlocked by doing extreme challenges 7. CELEBRATIONS LET US DAB ON EM 8.after arena 8 no one should get silver packs it kinda feels like an insult to players who worked hard 9.players that arent in the game can be on for a flash sale(on the market) like giroud or benzema 10. captaining a player in your team to boost their recharge speed by a small percentage 11. Nerf LUIZ PLEASE 12.player switching should be implemented; the number of times i conced cuz my defender cant be selected 13. higher the percentage of getting new players for god sake every pack is just upgrade after upgrade we need to get new players the top players are still stuck with good cards 14. through ball powerup for midfielders will be great 15. Trade ups. go to the market give 3 goods for a superb and 3 superbs for an elite 16.Inclub trading like giving each other cards in clubs of the same quality good for good, EX: trade suarez for neymar 17.KITS LET US MAKE OUR OWN KITS WITH A KIT MAKER AND THEN SELECT THEM PREGAMES
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    Would it be a good idea to split 'Social' into three area's: chat, request players and friendlies? I am in a rather chatty club (Foobar), and player requests quickly move out of sight. It takes a lot of swiping to see all current ones. Instead of three area's, a filter option in 'social' would work too, of course. Regards, Joop de Boer
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    Coming in the next update… SNEAK PEEK #1 – Change in Player Levels! Ibracadabra: Elite -> Superb Golden Boy: Elite -> Superb Di Magia: Elite -> Superb Hypnotist: Superb -> Elite Ginger Genius: Superb -> Elite La Joya: Superb -> Elite Cyclone: Superb -> Good La Jirafa: Good -> Superb SNEAK PEEK #2 – Four New Cards! New Good Card: Pocket Knife – a Ball Playing Defender. New Superb Card: The Enforcer – a Defensive Midfielder. New Good Card: El Torero – A Winger. New Superb Card: Red Imp – a Forward. COMING SOON – Tournaments! 8 Clubs enter a Tournament with each contributing a set number of Credits. It’s a straight knockout tournament with a quarter final, semi final and final. The winner takes the glory and wins a share of the Credits! Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion. See you in the Arena!
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    Certainly not the first to do this, (KryZiix), but also very happy to achieve 100 consecutive wins.
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    Je ne sais pas si je suis le premier, mais j'en suis très fière ! lol Enfin les 100 victoires consécutives !!
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    We are looking to add a new card type, Legend, in the near future.
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    Tournaments would cool. Some could be open and others could have entry requirements such as all Real Madrid players, all Italian players ect... Or all good players and so on. The rare tournaments could award champions packs to the winners. Just a suggestion.
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    You do realise Gorse H already has an account on here... Not sure your plan is going to work too well
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    You would say that gorse your a city fan. The best players (elite) should be able to do the most not the least. Its common sense
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    collected them all! am i the only one, or has anyone else completed this accomplishment?
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    The good: the graphics are cool. The league pack is looks like a good idea. Performance improvements are always welcome. The bad: I know learning new ways is hard, but after a few matches I am not enthusiastic about the new gameplay. If I taste the reactions in my club, excuse me, league, more (most, maybe even all?) players think this way. To summarise in one sentence: I do not like how the new tackling and shooting interrupts the flow of the game. When tackling, everything slows down. When shooting (or being shot at), everthing stops. I preferred the old system, where everything kept on moving, and where in a higher Arena everything went faster. It used to be more like real soccer, in a way... I'll try it a little longer, to see if I can adjust. Regards, Joop
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    Before we start I am not calling myself a pro or the best but in my journey to reaching number 1 in the world i learned a few things along the road. Lets start with your team: DO NOT TRY TO JUST HAVE HIGHER QUALITY PLAYERS good players are better that elites in many ways one is their recharge speed players like hulk and salah are beasts upfront who can bang in goals better than elites i tried like suarez who has a longer recharge time making him less effective. for your goalie it doesnt really matter all of them will concede what u need is a keep with quick reactions I recommend patricio not bravo as his reactions are off and any elite goalie is worth a shot but the best goalie imo is COURTOIS he is a beast in goal. defenders use the ones you are comfortable with not ones who are higher in quality. players like luiz and bellerin top any defender i played against MIDFIELDERS ARE A WASTE OF TIME I WOULD USE 2 DEFENDERS AND 2 ATTACKERS ONE WHO IS AN ACTUAL STRIKER THE OTHER A WINGER THAT CAN PLAY IN MIDFIELD LIKE RIBERY Players; Pace matters for you strikers that is why SALAH AND AUBAMAYANG ARE GODS Dribbling isnt as important because u will be passing alot to get away from your marker One defender should have high pace so your counter attacks can go up with speed and then a cross to your striker is deadly that is why bellerin should never be subbed out of your team passing atleast two players in your team should be pass masters because if you know how to play your through balls you will rek people USE RAGE DEFENDERS Defending techniques: always hold tackle and pull the other teammates back to defend when u r close enough tackle the player even if you are facing your goal the goalie will save it. attacking: CROSS: run up the wings with pace pull your striker away from his marker and bang one in, spam the shot button as the ball flys in and there is an easy goal EDGE GOALS: run in the box at a 90 to 45 angle and as soon as you are close to the pen spot even if you arent facing goal tap the shoot button and it will go in 99 percent of the time Long shots: if you have open space and you are in an angle on goal with the keeper out of position power up 1/2 of the shot bar and let go and it is going in like it or not CROWD GOALS:if your striker is in a crowd of defenders pass the ball back to a player who is in your opponents half and spam shoot as the ball arrives as the keeper is distracted the shot goes in DRIBBLE GOALS: self explaintory Through balls: if your striker is marked pull him away from the defender and as soon as he is away pass and you are in on goal
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    Hi, you should go to '' settings '' - '' data packs'' and choose '' super world pack''. This is the pack that the game starts.
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    also maybe world cup stadium in south africa, neon green pitch and people with vuvuzela horns
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    Location -The Grid (Tron) Theme -Black pitch with blue neon
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    Hello, well there should be some kind of rules while playing friendly games or challenges to become the game more even... For example I am a level 7 player and playing a friendly game with a level 8 player... The friendly rules must say that the level of the players wouldn't be higher than level 7. Then the players based on their skills (good superb elite) would be leveled down to good : 5, superb : 3 elite : 1. If you have lower level then stays as it is.
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    my guess is that the match-up problem will solve itself as the game grows. the larger the pool of available players, the easier it will be for the program to find you close matches. fifa mobile ran into problems when they tried to make only close matches; at times it would take twenty minutes of wait time to get a vs match. i agree that closer matches and extra arenas would be fun, but i'd rather have a short wait time. as for the players, yes the price is high, but it can't be too easy to buy all the best players or everybody would have maxed out messi ronaldo and neuer. i've been playing six months and have 96 of the 106 cards. if you want more money you can watch a 30-second ad and multiply your cash every time you win. also you can use your coins to buy extra cash or to buy blue packs, which give you an automatic new player. just be patient and you'll get more. JL
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    the changes are definitely an improvement, thank you.
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    I like this idea. Maybe have option of Classic Friendly and Balanced Friendly?
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    Lets be honest here... the best testers truly molded this game with the SMA TEAM.... but when the game releases... we are no left in a mixture of random players...unrecognized...faded...forgotten.....I think players that were here from the starts deserve a veteran badge on their profile....a free player......... A REWARD FOR THEIR LOYALTY...FOR BEING HERE SINCE DAY 1(LIKE ME).....we should be recognized... I aint asking much..... I just want to have something that makes me feel like: "I helped them and stayed true to them... and it pays off now!!" Please don't let us down!!! - From your most lovin' and loyal fans <3
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    Up until now we have seen COMMON,SUPERB AND ELITE but what if we had special cards that were out in packs for a limited time... like league winning cards (ex: Chelsea) or record breakers, the card would be distinguished by a special color and different stats, by different stats i mean if a players total is stats are 126 , the special card would have 126 total with boosted attribute and a decreased one. For example.... Chelsea wins the premier league..... Hazards card gets boosted dribbling and pace with decreased defending and strength and the card would be out for a week with an extreme rarity 1 in a 150 I think this would keep players comin back every week to see the new player and to get a chance of packing a special player this would also make players feel special owning a card that is quite limited I suggest making a special player always available in a league pack as it rewards league cooperation . - KemoCono
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    We are planning on introducing "Legend" cards to the game and I don't think they need any explanation...
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    Welcome and congratulations on your progress! This is a feature that has been requested a number of times. Local and even further broken down with more advanced filters. This is something we are going to be looking at adding. However, after the official release we have a small number of important issues that require our focus. We will be looking to add this feature in the future, but I cannot put a time scale on it just yet.
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    Confermo che i caratteri speciali hanno sempre ? ( es. è, ù....) Confermo che vedendo il video giornaliero per i soldi gratis, non vengono inseriti alla fine del video. Inoltre una volta completato il pacchetto League, rimane in attesa della scadenza (ancora 150 ore.....) La chat è lenta, le donazioni vanno fatte molto lentamente altrimenti il giovo va in crash. Se perdi la connessione e rientri in game, la partita non riprende. Alcune volte capita che le immagini dei giocatori non sono visibili ma visualizzo un riquadro nero anziche le foto dei giocatori. Una critica al gioco: La stagione non può durare solo una settimana, sarebbe auspicabile aumentarne le settimane. Inoltre per dare un senso alla classifica si potrebbe pensare di mettere dei premi ai primi classificati ( soldi o monete o pacchetti gratis) Per il resto il gioco è favoloso. Buon game a tutti
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    after some more gameplay, a few additional thoughts: 1. the biggest plus about the update has been better balance between the value of different stats and abilities. in the old version speed was king and ultimate dribble combined with rocket shot practically guaranteed a goal. the update gave more value to strength and tackling, and i think that's good from a strategy viewpoint. now there's a good reason to use players who are slower but stronger, and that makes the strategy more interesting. 2. the biggest loss from the old version is slide tackle. beside being an interesting tactical decision and speeding up gameplay, it was just plain fun to have players dive into tackles, even if they missed horribly and got scored on. if i were the developers i would seriously consider bringing slide tackles back. the point of the game is fun, and slide tackles were fun. i miss them! 3. the worst and most frustrating addition of the update is the shot needle. it has nothing to do with football strategy and as chryo mentioned it is very dependent on the quality of your internet connection and mobile device. i seriously recommend either going back to the old system, or coming up with something entirely different that is based on strategy instead of finger speed. more thoughts to come.
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    starting today, when i open the app the load screen stops at 10% and times out. tried restarting the app, restarting the phone, currently unable to play.
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    Issue Summary: 5 Goal Win Achievement isn't unlocked Issue Details: Having won a number of consecutive matches 5 - something this achievement should have unlocked. But it hasn't Device details; BRAND : Huawei MODEL : Nexus 6P OS : Android - Nougat VERSION : 7.0 Location: England Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?): When I look at my profile, it says I have 16 consecutive Wins. To the best of my knowledge these have all been won by scoring 5 goals first. But the 5 Goal Wins is still 0.
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    Salut à tous, J'ai créer un fichier excel regroupant les stats des joueurs par niveau, c'est en construction, il manque pleins de stats et différents joueurs mais c'est en progression. Si ça vous intéresses, je met le lien du fichier excel sous Google Drive en affichage seulement. Je mets également à disposition un Google Form questionnaire si vous voulez m'aidez à compléter ma base de donnée. Lien de la base de données excel actuel, Dernière Maj 19:19pm 25/01/17 : http://urlz.fr/4HS8 Lien du Google Form : http://urlz.fr/4HS6 Bon Jeu à tous
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    For anyone doubting the pack reward system,here is how it works Arrangement from common to rarest Silver Gold Champions Super Champions Ultimate All packs can be gained from just playing the game, personally I got all types except super champion from just playing
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    Hi, could we get a side-by-side comparison between two players in the squad page? That would make it easier to decide whether to replace a player, or not.
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    The current plan when the full game is launched existing accounts used in BETA will be able to keep the player cards, SM Credits and cash. Along with Arena and challenge progress. We will be likely to reset all trophies to around the level of Arena 8 (3000-4000). As progress beyond this point will be used to compete in the "end game" gameplay. The finalised plan is subject to change, however we can confirm that unlocked Player cards, SM Credits and Cash will certainly not be reset.
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    Add the players: Roman Burki, Sokratis,Bartra and Schurrle. Won new players in all packs. New arena on Signal Iduna Park Stadium. Add the button for friend request and private mensage. In club do a league and the winners go for Champions league of all club players winners
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    Thanks for the ideas. It is unlikely we will be adding any more new players while the game remains in BETA. The frequency of new players in packs will continue to be tweaked until release based on feedback, although there are packs in the game that will guarantee a new player. But to have a new player in every pack would likely be too often and all players would be unlocked too quickly.
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    Soccer Manager Arena is currently in Open Beta. During this phase of development numerous changes will be made to the game based on collated data as well as your feedback. You can expect a weekly update leading up to the full release of the game. In this round of changes we’re adding Manager Points, adding additional Levels to players, adding Emotes and making changes to Clubs to name but a few: Manager Points Manager Points have been added to complement the Manager Level. This means that you can now boost your player’s Attributes by assigning them additional points. You’ll receive 2 Manager Points for every level above Level 1. Player Levels We’ve changed the number of Levels that Good and Superb players have. They now have 10 and 8 Levels respectively. Emotes Football is a very emotional game. That is why we have introduced emotes so that you can express yourself inside the Arena! Polish Language Polish has been added as an additional language. Performance Improvements have been made to memory usage so that you can enjoy your time in the Arena more! Clubs There are now three statuses within a Club – Manager, Assistant Manager and Coach. The manger is the founder of the Club and they can Promote their team-mates to Assistant Manager. Likewise they can also Relegate an Assistant Manager to that of a Coach. Both a Manager and Assistant Manager can Kick anyone Coach from the Club. The donation levels within Club have been changed along with the speeding up of sending XP. The Arena The match making process of finding an opponent to go head-to-head in the Arena has improved. Improvements have been made to both Tackling and Marking during the head-to-head in the Arena. Shop The amount of XP needed to purchase additional Player Cards has been modified. Player Packs There is now a chance of getting Superb and Elite XP in Free Packs. Player Cards Player Cards that are Good are now green in colour. Timers The timers have changed to a digital format. Bugs Multiple bugs that our community have reported from the Arena have been fixed. Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion. See you in the Arena!
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    First recorder ULTIMATE PACK Screencast_2016-12-01-15-50-42.mp4
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    Recently in my 300 games played (preupdate 0.09) i used the formation 2-0-2 over 2-1-1 reason being that their jobs were interchanged 2-0-2 had the player form of 2-1-1 2-1-1 had the player form of 2-0-2 after the update this has been fixed and gave the formation 2-0-2 the width of two attacker and strength of 2 defenders but the weakness of no midfielders or holding box to box players The 2-1-1 now plays with 2 defenders a midfielder who hold your field and a single striker Just wanted to update those who have trouble with their formations
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    A new BETA update is now LIVE! Android 0.09b iOS - 1.0.61 This build is heavily focused on performance improvements; Improved game play mechanics Match camera adjustment (let us know what you think) Decreased data usage and bug fixes; Challenges now working A number of crashes on iOS resolved. General Changes Experience needed for player upgrades has been lowered. Slight change to the match day score display Let us know about your experience, and please report any issues you have. See you in the Arena!
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    Invatations* wow I can’t type lol
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    Hi, I believe this issue should now be resolved with your original account restored.
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    Maybe some historical pitches (a castle courtyard etc) or some fantasy ones or maybe a volcano with burnt stones and fire. markings on pitch could be drawn in lava and glowing.
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    Challenge matches already have rewards associated with them once completed. Successfully completing Challenges awards the player with Credits and Manager Points. While there is also less risk attached therefore this would leave the League Pack open to abuse. For these reasons we will not be enabling goals scored in Challenges to contribute to the League Packs.
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    Thanks for letting us know. I will get this looked into ASAP!
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    Alex, notifications are consistently in Dutch, the game is set to English.
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    When the game is released it will have both Local & Global Leaderboards.
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    Ah, i appear to have misunderstood this. I thought this meant you had success with getting your old account on your new phone. Sorry. We are expecting an update to be released early next week. While we are expecting the link device tool to be functional, we are awaiting confirmation from internal testing that the issues have been successfully resolved.
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    Sorry I didn't follow the proper format, let me try again - Issue Summary: Unable to link new device Issue Details: I've just received a new phone, when I click Link Device on my old one it gives me two options - Link to an Android Device - Nothing happens when I click this I want to link to another device - I get a code displayed, I put this code in on my new phone and the app restarts but nothing changes, I'm still stuck with the new game without my cards, xp etc New Device details; BRAND : Samsung MODEL : S7 OS : Android VERSION : 6.1 Old Device details; BRAND : HTC MODEL : M8 OS : Android VERSION : 6.0 Location: England
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    Hi there! As of the last BETA build ( Android 0.11b/iOS 1.0.64 ) We added 7 languages and expanded beta access to those countries. The following languages are now available via the settings menu; - Spanish - French - Portuguese - Italian - German - Dutch - Turkish If you play the game in any of those please let us know of any issues. Incorrect translations, nonsense instead of information, words clipped by boxes or other word. Anything like this please let us know the language and where you find it. Thanks!