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    i suggest a category of all-time greats cards. maybe as a reward for players in the beta once the game goes live? some suggestions: pele, maradona, zidane, charlton, yashin, cruyff, beckenbauer di stefano? puskas? maldini? others?
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    Dear SMA and the rest of the community I am sad to report that Hakuna Juan Mata have been cheating. For quite how long I honestly couldn’t attest to. But I would say guess for at least a month. There lies within the game the ability to use the Challenges mode of the game to cheat and “gift” trophies to league members. Please find full explaination as follows; The glitch is this. A player with high trophies goes on a challenge at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME as a lower level teammate goes to play a normal game. If they match, the higher ranked player throws the game. Winner gets trophies. Loser loses nothing. I believe that this is the reason Hakuna Juan Mata have managed to accrue so many trophies recently. But particularly this week when they have had to up their game to compete with a new and arguably superior rival league. Additionally I believe that this is the reason many of the top ranked players have achieved so many trophies over the last few weeks. It would be very easy for 3 or 4 players in the same league to plan to go online at the same time during the small hours when there aren’t many people playing and take turns to gift trophies to each other. This is blatant and outrageous cheating. And it essentially renders the game pointless. Does the league number one spot matter? Not when people cheat, no. Does the individual number one spot matter? Not when people cheat, no. So. Unless something is done about this, the game, which I love, is moribund. However, the solution is simple. SMA developers, please can you do the following ASAP; ensure that players playing Challenges match ONLY other players doing likewise and players playing League games match ONLY those doing the same. Then there will finally be a level playing field. PS should it be required I can provide irrefutable photographic proof to substantiate my accusations in this post. I await SMA’s response keenly
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    I get that it isn’t against the rules to play how you guys are playing at hakuna it is actually very clever but if you guys are anyware near as competitive as myself you would like to play the game on an even playing field. For when they fix the matching algorithm and the trophy abusing techniques you guys are using you will get a shock but for now you play your way we’ll play our way but I’m surprised your enjoying having a considerable advantage in game
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    Hakuna was 4 merged league to make it up too
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    U see mate thats what happens when u get on with everyone. U can pull everyone together and make a top league rather than having everyone as an enemy. And just for the record here btw u done the team talk for us after posting those leaderboard picks so thanks very much for that mate. Appreciate it
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    Seems around the same time as yesterday that the problems have started? Essential maintenance? Emergency engineering works? At least give us a replacement bus service...
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    Sorry for taking the step and answering to you I am not a member of the support team , but that's not a bug... Every Monday the trophies above 4000 erasing to 4000... If you see to your profile page there is an '' i '' button and everything is written there.
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    1. club leader should get a captain badge with higher privlages than club members 2. top 3 players should get monthly awards or boosted aftergames rewards or better packs 3.after arena 8 we can have a league; every one gets 10 PVP games with 3 points for win 1 for draw 0 for loss top 3 players gets rewards 4. club matchups 11V11 club v club like a clash of clans kinda system winning club can get awards badges 5. trophy room to showcase players stats like vetran(beta tester) top player(top 10 world wide) leader(club leader) these are seperate from achievments and are shown as cups this showcases a persons achievments in a room format 6. special cards for events like XMAS OR HALLOWEEN that get unlocked by doing extreme challenges 7. CELEBRATIONS LET US DAB ON EM 8.after arena 8 no one should get silver packs it kinda feels like an insult to players who worked hard 9.players that arent in the game can be on for a flash sale(on the market) like giroud or benzema 10. captaining a player in your team to boost their recharge speed by a small percentage 11. Nerf LUIZ PLEASE 12.player switching should be implemented; the number of times i conced cuz my defender cant be selected 13. higher the percentage of getting new players for god sake every pack is just upgrade after upgrade we need to get new players the top players are still stuck with good cards 14. through ball powerup for midfielders will be great 15. Trade ups. go to the market give 3 goods for a superb and 3 superbs for an elite 16.Inclub trading like giving each other cards in clubs of the same quality good for good, EX: trade suarez for neymar 17.KITS LET US MAKE OUR OWN KITS WITH A KIT MAKER AND THEN SELECT THEM PREGAMES
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    Would it be a good idea to split 'Social' into three area's: chat, request players and friendlies? I am in a rather chatty club (Foobar), and player requests quickly move out of sight. It takes a lot of swiping to see all current ones. Instead of three area's, a filter option in 'social' would work too, of course. Regards, Joop de Boer
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    Well said Hearts. I know full well that 48 of you are decent guys.
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    HKane are we really doing this now? Sharing pictures of wins against each others league members? Seems a little immature I must say. I mean, by all means share within your league, but trying to goad us on here is pretty juvenile by anyone's standards. In point of fact, I just beat your friend Barry but it was a good game between two good players and I am not going to post a picture of it on here. Please tell him Good Game from me. (I did say it numerous times at the end but he must have lost connection or had to answer the door bell or something because he didn't manage to say Good Game back to me...)
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    Listen man, I’m new to this but not to the game, it seems you’ve pissed off a lot of through drama or childish behaviour, either or something else. Regardless this is a game and this is a forum for that game. Play it and give respect when due. Dish out the dirt and prepare to receive a harsh atmosphere. This is actually a football game app and not real life so enjoy when you can and you’ll meet some cool people along the way.
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    You apologise which is all good then you start fishing for answers for things that no one cares about . Just play the game
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    Coming in the next update… SNEAK PEEK #1 – Change in Player Levels! Ibracadabra: Elite -> Superb Golden Boy: Elite -> Superb Di Magia: Elite -> Superb Hypnotist: Superb -> Elite Ginger Genius: Superb -> Elite La Joya: Superb -> Elite Cyclone: Superb -> Good La Jirafa: Good -> Superb SNEAK PEEK #2 – Four New Cards! New Good Card: Pocket Knife – a Ball Playing Defender. New Superb Card: The Enforcer – a Defensive Midfielder. New Good Card: El Torero – A Winger. New Superb Card: Red Imp – a Forward. COMING SOON – Tournaments! 8 Clubs enter a Tournament with each contributing a set number of Credits. It’s a straight knockout tournament with a quarter final, semi final and final. The winner takes the glory and wins a share of the Credits! Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion. See you in the Arena!
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    Certainly not the first to do this, (KryZiix), but also very happy to achieve 100 consecutive wins.
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    Je ne sais pas si je suis le premier, mais j'en suis très fière ! lol Enfin les 100 victoires consécutives !!
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    We are looking to add a new card type, Legend, in the near future.
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    Tournaments would cool. Some could be open and others could have entry requirements such as all Real Madrid players, all Italian players ect... Or all good players and so on. The rare tournaments could award champions packs to the winners. Just a suggestion.
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    Hi Guys, I'd like to bring attention to the SMA team and the community that there seems to be a hacker of some sort among us. This very immature individual manages to join leagues when they are full or on invite only, where he seems to gain President and VP privileges upon joining without being assigned this. Keeping this in mind, he then kicks people from the league, changes league descriptions and changes trophy requirements etc. The person in question is HkaneLEGEND. He also has another account called CCCCOOOOYYYSSS! (this is the account that the hacking seems to take place). In the pictures attached, you can see the evidence. In picture 1 you can see him being extra cute with another member of the community, claiming he is HKane and that he is also racist (no one asked). Finally, in the second picture you can see he has joined (the league was full) and without being promoted, removed 2 people from the league before leaving. A word to the SMA team, myself and many many others from your community believe this person should have all accounts banned as he is clearly violating the rules and causing general tomfoolery. This is ruining the game for many people and needs to be looked into. A word to HKane, I understand that you're very troubled, but please get a grip of your sad sad life and do something worthwhile with your time. You are doing no good to anyone with your disrespect and hacking. If you find any of these accounts in your league, I suggest giving him a good old boot. Thanks for reading. Keato x
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    I like this game alot but we can all agree after a few weeks it gets repetetive. theres really nothing to aim for because you go back to 4000 anyways. heres a few ideas to make the game worth the amount of time we put in. 1. League levels - League levels dont only show how well your leagues doing on a week to week basis but on a milestone basis. for example everytime your league levels up you get perks. now these can be decided by the game developers but for example double XP for every donations you make and quicker request rates stuff like that ( this isnt my idea ) 2. Now for me this would be a game changer. what about a separate game mode with whole different leaderboards - 11 aside ... i know this would define the whole point in the game ( 5-aside ) but its just an idea - like everyone has 30 games a week to play and for every win you get 3 points and every draw you get 1 point ( loss -3 ) it just means if you get bored/frustrated with 5s you can compete in this 11s 30 game challange with the top 3 getting rewards this would also stop all the bs kick off goals that even un-skilled players can win by 3. This is a few ideas in one but all going along the same lines... How about personalised profiles/kits/league badges ect. theres alot that can get the players involved more with there own profile and make it Unique. Loads of variations of colours/designs to really make your club feel you. The lag - we all know these ideas would cause a hell alot of lag as a minor update of legends has made the game almost unplayable so that needs sorted ASAP. Finaly the leagues need abit more in it other that donations and friendlies... how about mini games like penalty shoot outs and free kick games ect and weekly objectives for the league to compete and complete together... i may add more to this soon but let me know what everyone thinks. some are abit mainstream some are simple but all can be achieved... - CFC Denham
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    Hkane. Please stop this. Dont troll them and dont react.
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    The word your looking for is combine. Combing is like combing your hair u complete idiot now fuck off and give everyone peace no one cares anymore. Leave goal nation alone we do our thing u do yours!
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    Not sure how much that would help. Maybe just limit how many people VPs can kick per day or something. I like the win streak idea though. You build it up for ages then lose a game and it's like it never happened.
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    And so it begins.....
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    Have a look and tell for yourself!
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    How many linked accounts they have
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    Update... Don't they usually wait till mid league pack to do those haha
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    And please let me know what you win this week for being no1. The players in my league have lives
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    Why go there and cause trouble? Surprised willy puts up with your crap.
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    Hope you get there mate. Youl be sweating the closer you get
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    Ive just hit 100 but not legit.... played wes 100th game i was just about to lose but he gave me the last 2 goals. Thats proper team mates. Cant wait til i lose now cz ive been sweating like fuck since 90 wins
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    The weekly leaderboard needs a reward for the top 3. After 2 days of doing the league pack i have no reason to play as you never get elite xp. Id play all week if there were rewards. It would make people spend money aswell more competative
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    are you saying that the rumours of you being Illuminati are mistaken?
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    You would say that gorse your a city fan. The best players (elite) should be able to do the most not the least. Its common sense
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    The good: the graphics are cool. The league pack is looks like a good idea. Performance improvements are always welcome. The bad: I know learning new ways is hard, but after a few matches I am not enthusiastic about the new gameplay. If I taste the reactions in my club, excuse me, league, more (most, maybe even all?) players think this way. To summarise in one sentence: I do not like how the new tackling and shooting interrupts the flow of the game. When tackling, everything slows down. When shooting (or being shot at), everthing stops. I preferred the old system, where everything kept on moving, and where in a higher Arena everything went faster. It used to be more like real soccer, in a way... I'll try it a little longer, to see if I can adjust. Regards, Joop
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    Hi, you should go to '' settings '' - '' data packs'' and choose '' super world pack''. This is the pack that the game starts.
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    Location -The Grid (Tron) Theme -Black pitch with blue neon
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    my guess is that the match-up problem will solve itself as the game grows. the larger the pool of available players, the easier it will be for the program to find you close matches. fifa mobile ran into problems when they tried to make only close matches; at times it would take twenty minutes of wait time to get a vs match. i agree that closer matches and extra arenas would be fun, but i'd rather have a short wait time. as for the players, yes the price is high, but it can't be too easy to buy all the best players or everybody would have maxed out messi ronaldo and neuer. i've been playing six months and have 96 of the 106 cards. if you want more money you can watch a 30-second ad and multiply your cash every time you win. also you can use your coins to buy extra cash or to buy blue packs, which give you an automatic new player. just be patient and you'll get more. JL
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    the changes are definitely an improvement, thank you.
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    I like this idea. Maybe have option of Classic Friendly and Balanced Friendly?
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    Lets be honest here... the best testers truly molded this game with the SMA TEAM.... but when the game releases... we are no left in a mixture of random players...unrecognized...faded...forgotten.....I think players that were here from the starts deserve a veteran badge on their profile....a free player......... A REWARD FOR THEIR LOYALTY...FOR BEING HERE SINCE DAY 1(LIKE ME).....we should be recognized... I aint asking much..... I just want to have something that makes me feel like: "I helped them and stayed true to them... and it pays off now!!" Please don't let us down!!! - From your most lovin' and loyal fans <3
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    Welcome and congratulations on your progress! This is a feature that has been requested a number of times. Local and even further broken down with more advanced filters. This is something we are going to be looking at adding. However, after the official release we have a small number of important issues that require our focus. We will be looking to add this feature in the future, but I cannot put a time scale on it just yet.
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    starting today, when i open the app the load screen stops at 10% and times out. tried restarting the app, restarting the phone, currently unable to play.
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    Issue Summary: 5 Goal Win Achievement isn't unlocked Issue Details: Having won a number of consecutive matches 5 - something this achievement should have unlocked. But it hasn't Device details; BRAND : Huawei MODEL : Nexus 6P OS : Android - Nougat VERSION : 7.0 Location: England Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?): When I look at my profile, it says I have 16 consecutive Wins. To the best of my knowledge these have all been won by scoring 5 goals first. But the 5 Goal Wins is still 0.
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    For anyone doubting the pack reward system,here is how it works Arrangement from common to rarest Silver Gold Champions Super Champions Ultimate All packs can be gained from just playing the game, personally I got all types except super champion from just playing
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    Hi, could we get a side-by-side comparison between two players in the squad page? That would make it easier to decide whether to replace a player, or not.
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    Thanks for the ideas. It is unlikely we will be adding any more new players while the game remains in BETA. The frequency of new players in packs will continue to be tweaked until release based on feedback, although there are packs in the game that will guarantee a new player. But to have a new player in every pack would likely be too often and all players would be unlocked too quickly.
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    Soccer Manager Arena is currently in Open Beta. During this phase of development numerous changes will be made to the game based on collated data as well as your feedback. You can expect a weekly update leading up to the full release of the game. In this round of changes we’re adding Manager Points, adding additional Levels to players, adding Emotes and making changes to Clubs to name but a few: Manager Points Manager Points have been added to complement the Manager Level. This means that you can now boost your player’s Attributes by assigning them additional points. You’ll receive 2 Manager Points for every level above Level 1. Player Levels We’ve changed the number of Levels that Good and Superb players have. They now have 10 and 8 Levels respectively. Emotes Football is a very emotional game. That is why we have introduced emotes so that you can express yourself inside the Arena! Polish Language Polish has been added as an additional language. Performance Improvements have been made to memory usage so that you can enjoy your time in the Arena more! Clubs There are now three statuses within a Club – Manager, Assistant Manager and Coach. The manger is the founder of the Club and they can Promote their team-mates to Assistant Manager. Likewise they can also Relegate an Assistant Manager to that of a Coach. Both a Manager and Assistant Manager can Kick anyone Coach from the Club. The donation levels within Club have been changed along with the speeding up of sending XP. The Arena The match making process of finding an opponent to go head-to-head in the Arena has improved. Improvements have been made to both Tackling and Marking during the head-to-head in the Arena. Shop The amount of XP needed to purchase additional Player Cards has been modified. Player Packs There is now a chance of getting Superb and Elite XP in Free Packs. Player Cards Player Cards that are Good are now green in colour. Timers The timers have changed to a digital format. Bugs Multiple bugs that our community have reported from the Arena have been fixed. Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion. See you in the Arena!
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    Recently in my 300 games played (preupdate 0.09) i used the formation 2-0-2 over 2-1-1 reason being that their jobs were interchanged 2-0-2 had the player form of 2-1-1 2-1-1 had the player form of 2-0-2 after the update this has been fixed and gave the formation 2-0-2 the width of two attacker and strength of 2 defenders but the weakness of no midfielders or holding box to box players The 2-1-1 now plays with 2 defenders a midfielder who hold your field and a single striker Just wanted to update those who have trouble with their formations