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    Hi Guys, I'd like to bring attention to the SMA team and the community that there seems to be a hacker of some sort among us. This very immature individual manages to join leagues when they are full or on invite only, where he seems to gain President and VP privileges upon joining without being assigned this. Keeping this in mind, he then kicks people from the league, changes league descriptions and changes trophy requirements etc. The person in question is HkaneLEGEND. He also has another account called CCCCOOOOYYYSSS! (this is the account that the hacking seems to take place). In the pictures attached, you can see the evidence. In picture 1 you can see him being extra cute with another member of the community, claiming he is HKane and that he is also racist (no one asked). Finally, in the second picture you can see he has joined (the league was full) and without being promoted, removed 2 people from the league before leaving. A word to the SMA team, myself and many many others from your community believe this person should have all accounts banned as he is clearly violating the rules and causing general tomfoolery. This is ruining the game for many people and needs to be looked into. A word to HKane, I understand that you're very troubled, but please get a grip of your sad sad life and do something worthwhile with your time. You are doing no good to anyone with your disrespect and hacking. If you find any of these accounts in your league, I suggest giving him a good old boot. Thanks for reading. Keato x
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    Currently we don't have any more Arenas up our sleeves. And we will be looking to expand the number of Arenas over time be it for new Arenas, special tournaments or other options we are looking at.
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    None the less, we have no affiliation with this accusation. You can say all you want but we but not cheat to win. We report the cheats because we are skilled enough in the game to compete.
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    I like this game alot but we can all agree after a few weeks it gets repetetive. theres really nothing to aim for because you go back to 4000 anyways. heres a few ideas to make the game worth the amount of time we put in. 1. League levels - League levels dont only show how well your leagues doing on a week to week basis but on a milestone basis. for example everytime your league levels up you get perks. now these can be decided by the game developers but for example double XP for every donations you make and quicker request rates stuff like that ( this isnt my idea ) 2. Now for me this would be a game changer. what about a separate game mode with whole different leaderboards - 11 aside ... i know this would define the whole point in the game ( 5-aside ) but its just an idea - like everyone has 30 games a week to play and for every win you get 3 points and every draw you get 1 point ( loss -3 ) it just means if you get bored/frustrated with 5s you can compete in this 11s 30 game challange with the top 3 getting rewards this would also stop all the bs kick off goals that even un-skilled players can win by 3. This is a few ideas in one but all going along the same lines... How about personalised profiles/kits/league badges ect. theres alot that can get the players involved more with there own profile and make it Unique. Loads of variations of colours/designs to really make your club feel you. The lag - we all know these ideas would cause a hell alot of lag as a minor update of legends has made the game almost unplayable so that needs sorted ASAP. Finaly the leagues need abit more in it other that donations and friendlies... how about mini games like penalty shoot outs and free kick games ect and weekly objectives for the league to compete and complete together... i may add more to this soon but let me know what everyone thinks. some are abit mainstream some are simple but all can be achieved... - CFC Denham
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    Funny stop taking to me bitch
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    I have to say HARROLD im glad this happened to you. All the shit you cause you deserved it. Maybe now we can move on and play the game for fun
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    A new android update was put live on Friday, This resolves the cross platform Friendlies issue. All members of the same League should be able to access Friendlies posted regardless of platform now. Additionally our developers have been working to optimise the servers. The work has been finalised and been pushed live coinciding with the Android update. Users of all platforms should now see an improvement on amount of lag experienced within the game. Please let us know if you don't see any improvement.
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    As the the president of goal nation I can assure you this had nothing to do with my league. Stop the accusations its getting boring now! Your obsessed with keeping all this going you really are!
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    hkane i think your a 30+ year old man thats just that immature they come across as a child and your to feart to admit your not 13 so you can think "im 13 ill get away with this" everytime you do something or say something stupid. now again on behalve of Goal Nation. Please keep all of your accounts away from our league and stop obsessing over us. i swear youve been in our league more than your own in the past week and that shows how bad it is. please stay away?
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    Well written Keato. And yes we have no affiliation with BLYTH SPARTAN or Raw Sauce. It was all a shock to us when it happened.
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    I'm not trying to defend him whatsoever. He's said some horrible stuff, keep him away from your league, and you keep away from ours.
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    I'm sorry but all you've shown us is that your league came across an idiot?
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    @HkaneLEGEND Okay, so 1 thank you for admitting you're exploiting the game in front of the community and the SMA team. 2. that didn't happen, we never had any contact with the individual who did that to your league, but even if that did happen that is in no way cheating. Your league shouldn't promote random people so it is your own fault. Deal with the consequences little boy. And 3, please stop flirting with me, my game is fully updated.
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    What does this mean??
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    I'll be there dressed as a blue seat
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    I have been on to a member of the development team and this will be resolved. There are two potential solutions, one of which will be implemented on the next update. The cross over between the two will be removed, or the League members will not be able to play against each other. One third potential solution is a combination of them both. There will be no more cross over between Ladder and Challenge matches, and Members from the same league will not longer be matched in any competitive game. I will lock this thread now and post once I have received confirmation on the method of resolution.
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    Hi Alex, this has been done and will continue to happen if action isn’t taken. We play this football game to be competitive and to compete against the best. However we can not compete when a group on people are online late at night and plan to do this and gain a hell of a lot of trophies between them. This happens and on a regular basis. It would fix this if members from the same league can not face each other on a challenge. Because high trophy holders give out bucket loads of trophies to a low trophy holder once the high trophy holder loses. We are at conflict with another league and in actual fact a few left but I have no doubt they will be back to do this “cheat” I get that a overhaul needs to be done but this needs looked at. It is a loophole on getting higher trophies. Thanks for your time.
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    is the lag going to be fixed any time soon? i mean thats the top priority right? not the ( 3D goals ) which would only being double the amount of lag surely. quality over quantity please mate
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    Wow never had the pleasure of spending real cash in the game and this is why. The game its totally fucked at the moment can anyone from the team explain what is going on? Is anyone going to fix it? Are you guys going to continue taking double payments off people?Ffs SMA get the game fixed guys come on here!!!!
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    Haha can’t wait for top 20 then everyone that hates your league will join it
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    Ok. My mistake. Apologies. I’ll stay out of it
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    This game needs cash rewards for weekly top 3!knockout Tournaments! And most important reveal what accounts are linked so we can see who all the cheats are!
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    Doesn’t stop people accusing (wrongly) of cheating though.
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    Hakuna was 4 merged league to make it up too