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  1. Arena Legends

  2. Here are some ideas

    I definitely agree with you True but People do complain why don't they receive packs from their arena it's because if that happened am sure 70% each arena players would be taken then that would rush soccer manager adding new players. Again, it's all on SMA just giving my opinion
  3. football

    you want to play football?
  4. Tips and Tricks for beginners!

    Great Guide a lot of people can find this helpful especially me bro
  5. Arena Legends

    #2 best group out there Arena Legends is recruiting join before its too late Currently, the best donation group over 90,000 + is donated with active community https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-K2TrvWD3a_qYnLYQMLWLA My YouTube channel there will be guides, tips and etc Thank you for your time