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  1. SLIDERS!!

    in real life elite players are more difficult to manage, so it takes a higher level manager to get the best out of them.
  2. New Greek Army

    yes. i guess we were never highly ranked enough that it mattered. anyone who gets too big for us leaves, and anyone who goes inactive gets booted, so it seems to balance out.
  3. New Greek Army

    in FOOBAR we promote the top 3 goal scorers in league pack to VP. Demotion rules aren't so clearly defined though.
  4. SLIDERS!!

    green sliders are also slow.
  5. New arena

    i was also wondering about this.
  6. 106 cards!

    collected them all! am i the only one, or has anyone else completed this accomplishment?
  7. Tips and Tricks for beginners!

    good questions. inquiring minds would like to know how to avoid the blow-by, and why the a.i. sends defenders out of position when there's an attacker nearby.

    also maybe world cup stadium in south africa, neon green pitch and people with vuvuzela horns

    CHINA Scene: Great Wall Pitch: Large Square Stones Background: Forbidden City, Imperial Palace, Dragons, etc. MEXICO Scene: Azteca Stadium Pitch: Pale Green with Brown Patches Background: Mexican Flag, People with Ponchos and Big Sombreros
  10. Trophy decay bug

    if you think that's tough, try having your trophies reset to 4000 from 34,848!
  11. Rules

    agree, good idea! or maybe teams could have multiple starting line-ups, and choose based on the level of the competition? it would be nice to get to use more of my cards...
  12. Thoughts about the game

    my guess is that the match-up problem will solve itself as the game grows. the larger the pool of available players, the easier it will be for the program to find you close matches. fifa mobile ran into problems when they tried to make only close matches; at times it would take twenty minutes of wait time to get a vs match. i agree that closer matches and extra arenas would be fun, but i'd rather have a short wait time. as for the players, yes the price is high, but it can't be too easy to buy all the best players or everybody would have maxed out messi ronaldo and neuer. i've been playing six months and have 96 of the 106 cards. if you want more money you can watch a 30-second ad and multiply your cash every time you win. also you can use your coins to buy extra cash or to buy blue packs, which give you an automatic new player. just be patient and you'll get more. JL
  13. Shooting Distance

    Among the things that most annoy me about shooting as it currently works, is that people who have a good internet connection and happen to be good at timing the movement of an arrow back and forth can regularly score from WELL outside normal shooting range, even against an excellent goalie. making the arrow move faster is NOT a reasonable solution to this - it just further advantages a skill that has no strategic value whatsoever. in my view, this diminishes any sense of strategy in the game. i think that in order for games to be fair and slightly more realistic, goalies need to be much better at blocking shots from distance than shots from close-in. even against a lower-rated goaltender, NOBODY should be able to regularly score from almost half-field. [/rant]
  14. Shooting Distance

    the changes are definitely an improvement, thank you.
  15. it's not a regular thing

    sharzil spammed my clan as well. we really do need some tools to deal with repeat offenders.
  16. Update, new gameplay

    so... if i promote everybody to vice president, anyone inactive will be removed? it would be nice if that option were available for all members.
  17. Update, new gameplay

    glad to help and wishing you a successful launch. what's your target market though, people who miss tecmo bowl from the 80's? which is to say, the swingometer is still rubbish and still has nothing to do with football. here's a suggestion for inactives: players who haven't logged in within the last 4 weeks automatically leave their league and go dormant. thoughts? JL
  18. Chat filter

    agree, there should be some community ability to flag spammers and trolls
  19. Jugadores Legendarios

    he recomendado esos, y nos habian dicho que si
  20. Liga vs Liga 5vs5

    a mi tambien me gustaria tener esa, liga contra liga, como en fifa y nba.
  21. Update, new gameplay

    just played again yesterday and today after a long hiatus. the gameplay seems a bit more streamlined - not as much lag, so i was able to hit the target sometimes. also, it seems like the challenges are more realistic now. i'm not sure whether or not this is the case, but it seems like the tackle is more effective if the challenge occurs near another defender or the keeper. if so, well done! on the negative side, i still hate the "swing-o-meter" with a passion, and as far as i can tell there's nobody left in 'foobar' who still plays. after the major update the whole club/league community sort-of disintegrated. the game is still not bad at all... i think you guys (developers) just didn't realize quite how good it was before. the speed, simplicity , and limitless play used to make it even more fun than fifa mobile. JL
  22. Update, new gameplay

    i've been thinking about what would be a more strategic way to manage shooting. the game seems to be going more toward RPG strategy style, so one idea i brainstormed is each player could get options for what the shooter and keeper do. for example, shooter can aim left, aim right, blast or chip, keeper can rush, block, cheat left or cheat right. depending also on the distance and angle of the shot, each option can have one counter that increases chances of a goal, one that decreases chances, two that depend mostly on the quality of the shooter and keeper. and maybe a randomizer if someone doesn't choose fast enough.
  23. Update, new gameplay

    after some more gameplay, a few additional thoughts: 1. the biggest plus about the update has been better balance between the value of different stats and abilities. in the old version speed was king and ultimate dribble combined with rocket shot practically guaranteed a goal. the update gave more value to strength and tackling, and i think that's good from a strategy viewpoint. now there's a good reason to use players who are slower but stronger, and that makes the strategy more interesting. 2. the biggest loss from the old version is slide tackle. beside being an interesting tactical decision and speeding up gameplay, it was just plain fun to have players dive into tackles, even if they missed horribly and got scored on. if i were the developers i would seriously consider bringing slide tackles back. the point of the game is fun, and slide tackles were fun. i miss them! 3. the worst and most frustrating addition of the update is the shot needle. it has nothing to do with football strategy and as chryo mentioned it is very dependent on the quality of your internet connection and mobile device. i seriously recommend either going back to the old system, or coming up with something entirely different that is based on strategy instead of finger speed. more thoughts to come.
  24. app stopped loading

    starting today, when i open the app the load screen stops at 10% and times out. tried restarting the app, restarting the phone, currently unable to play.
  25. app stopped loading

    able to access now.