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  1. Season Trophies

    100k doesn't go to far anyway haha teams are gonna get maxed out a lot quicker with daily login packs although i didn't get any elite xp in my last day 6 and 7 login packs as for new arena i can't believe they did a vote on here and then they choice Rome which never even made final 3.., i'd trade my season trophies for game cash or packs if you could.. gives players incentive to get their trophies up during the current season, this game has endless potential and hopefully these next few upcoming updates will be good
  2. Best Players

    Courtois and neuer are best
  3. Best Players

    Don't blame me haha Asique was the pioneer of the sliding teams
  4. Finally here

    There's 6 in the top im not matching since the last part of update.. KHC and Hubbihubbi from my league both play on pc also MRT from French elite Novgorod from Goal kings, Tony from Hakuna d1ecC from almazora city ... If anyone reading thi is in those leagues find out what what device they use and if its not phone it could be the reason
  5. Finally here

    What's the traditional way.. didn't you have crazy amount of xp on all players getting upgraded?
  6. Finally here

    Nothing surprises on this game with the amount of bugs i've seen good and bad ones
  7. Finally here

    once upon a time there was 2 servers and maybe that's it again or it could be players on phones matching and players on pc only matching as i know khc and hubbi from my league don't play on phone... Ask novogrod from your league what device he's plays on as he's in the same glitch of not matching
  8. Selling players

    i have 95k xp on Bellerin.... Who wants to buy it

    There's 5 in the top 10 I've never matched... Could be multiple servers again like it was last time i wasn't matching the players around me
  10. Selling players

    Who would buy the players..
  11. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Thanks Alex
  12. NEW UPDATE!!!

    My Varane was maxed out as a green card, then was at crazy levels during the bug but now he is level 6 blue.. Will this be sorted or should i just take the hit on him??
  13. Bugs

    The game is frustrating, They are trying their hardest to make people stop wanting to play it... bug after bug and none are good anymore
  14. Card upgrade downgrade

    I was advising everyone in my leagues to hold out upgrading the 3 new elites till they actually became elite for that very fact you could be wasting cash on them
  15. Bugs

    They have changed now? all except Varane..