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  1. New arena

    The news on a new arena has gone cold and now you have announced this new update so what is happening about the new arena?? still coming or been cancelled now??
  2. SLIDERS!!

    Yeah but just because someone hates them you think they should take them off or reduce them?? it's a different aspect of playing the game just like playing with non sliders is a different aspect and way of playing the game
  3. SLIDERS!!

    Can't take it off the game as sliding is a big part of football.. I am sure i seen stones in your team Morrison when i played your ai lol How would they change the boosts?? Elites having 13 and greens 3 at manager level 11? Can you imagine Ron and Messi with 13 boosts haha that could be too much... Sliding teams are so annoying to play against but soooo much fun to play with... other than the sliders the rest of the greens are useless so its a tough one.. i wouldn't want them to take sliding off the game thou and not just because i use a sliding team but its the best defensive weapon and good for up and coming players who havent't reached manager level 9 as without sliders player level plays an even bigger factor in the result of a game
  4. SLIDERS!!

    Stones is quality in real life and in the arena
  5. Free cash - Not working?

    Next major update... When is this expected to arrive? as i am still waiting on the new arena to announced or will that come with the new update or has that been scrapped now??
  6. Hard to find a active league as a bigger

    get to 4k and you'll be able to join one of the big leagues if you are active
  7. Lag

    ok thank you for that i will let them know
  8. Lag

    Also please can you tell me why the member who got kicked, some are saying they can't get back in league because of this?? Can you help with that or should i write in game??
  9. Lag

    they need leaderboard rewards as i seen it loads players get up to the top don't get anything then they lose interest in the game, even longer seasons and bigger lp levels for higher rewards, or if not longer seasons then rewards for beginning igh over a monthly period could get a reward of some sort.... So many way for this game to go to keep people interested and grow the game
  10. Lag

    The 3 players responsible were called Lilbsn who has changed his name Padman and Kees who still has same name and Tvh who is now called waterdud, Lilbsn and Kees have been vice president but i demoted kees after his in game talk was aggressive and disrespectful to another player in league but as this bug was interfering with the smoothness of the game Lilbsn/Padman repromoted Kees and promoted tvh with a message of how they deserved it... I seen this unfold and went to demote all 3 bt was powerless as game wasn't working for me, Kees and Tvh/waterdud then went on to kick every member from our league, by the time i could do anything it was too late Is it possible to get all 3 players banned entirely from the game? also please i really hope there will be some news soon on a update and i hope it is a game changer as there is so much potential with this game
  11. Lag

    Lilbsn new name padman, tvh new name waterdud and kees all went rouge and kicked out all members... the game makers ain't even sent a reply to alll my complaints about. The game definitely needs an update so much potential but like you say, seems like they not even bothered at the moment and too many players are getting bored with it
  12. Lag

    im feeling same way mate, we are 2 of most active players and it's proper gone downhill... Did you see what happened to my league because of stupid players sabotaging it and i was powerless to stop it because of these latest bugs. The next update needs to be a game changer or a lot will leave
  13. Update needed!!

    They need to sort out the bugs first... This game nearly ruined my league because of the bugs
  14. Cant comment or request xp in league chat page

    The new vein... another league that wanted un downfall
  15. Cant comment or request xp in league chat page

    I will hopefully have them banned from game soon.. 2 of the people have changed there names but hopefully that won't matter