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  1. Doesn't everyone have a life
  2. Please put your glasses on and read properly what i put... the other account i had had low trophies and wasn't good enough for my leagues plus it's dead now. It doesn't matter anyway as it's not me... You said he uses the emojis in same way i do but with that thinking in mind does that mean every player who uses the angry emoji is you?? As you are the angriest player i face in the arena
  3. New Greek Army

    ah i see, never thought of it like that but you're is top 10 league though so quite highly ranked
  4. Wow this is comedy gold, i can assure you i am Gorse Hill and no one else on the game.. Also Raequann is only level 8 manager so surely if it was me i would have green sliders in my team and not elites with only 2 boosts?? Plus if i was this other player on over 4k trophies why would i be in elite and not in one of my own league's of UN or un2? I've played Raequan he's a good player and he's beat me a few times, ended my 33 game win streak on Monday when he beat me 2-1 The irony is once upon time i did have a 2nd account and it was in Elite i had it in there as their President is good guy but that account was called GH MCFC and it's been dead since May. That was my laptop and i was dog poo on that, kept getting spanked 5 nil by anyone half decent and it didn't have much more than 2k trophies... Phone is much better to play on So just to clarify as not all Ushited fans have brains I am Gorse Hill and no one else and all i know of Raequann is he's a tough opponent and i have to be at my best to beat him, sorry to pour cold water over your conspiracy theory haha
  5. Why don't you comment all this in your real game name??
  6. What does this mean??
  7. New card type?

    Lahm and Alonso are retired cards called legacy. if you haven't got them then you will never get them but they are pretty useless in the arena anyway
  8. Cant post players cant write on team board

    Only the second lol It's too common now as i've experienced it too many times to count. I think we are all waiting for the "update" now.
  9. Cant post players cant write on team board

    I think they all gone on holiday.. Kind of boring waiting for these "imaginary" updates
  10. Game update

    The game is seriously in need of the update, too many of the top players are getting bored now... it's been 3 months since you said new arena was coming, so does that mean the sneaky peaks update will also take that kind of timescale?? Everything has gone quiet on here and also not heard anything in reply to messages i've sent the in game support over problems i've been experiencing on there
  11. Lost or Replaced Accounts - Please read

  12. Lost or Replaced Accounts - Please read

    Alex from support.... Do i have to worry about this as i put a lot of time and effort into getting my team where is it and wouldn't want you or the game makers giving my account to a random ????
  13. Lost or Replaced Accounts - Please read

    Well i can blame him... what a weapon sma is for even trying
  14. Lost or Replaced Accounts - Please read

    Thank Will
  15. Lost or Replaced Accounts - Please read

  16. League pack top contributor and

    I don't know about that.. because not everyone can play each week on a monday for whatever reason, 40-50 goals isn't hard for anyone to get... IF they think they're active players, getting 1-10 goals is lp robbery and worse than getting 0 as those players with single digits have actually logged in.. also if you complete the lp before the timer then we would lower the goal target to accommodate the time remaining and you can always kick the single digits scorers before the lp ends
  17. New Greek Army

    Be careful thou, dunno if you seen what happened to the league i was in when a few vp's kicked every member out ha.. loyalty and good friendly chat is key
  18. SLIDERS!!

    Someone who played
  19. New Greek Army

    Do you do that every week..? could end up with a lot of vp's..
  20. SLIDERS!!

    Morrison you should blame Judinio for me changing to a sliding team as when he got number 1 with it i had to give it a try
  21. SLIDERS!!

    CFC Denham inspired me to use muller as he was lethal with him.. More chance of scoring with muller but also more chance of losing the ball with him too so just testing out a new final sub... That's if the tactics work, sometimes i press tactic and nothing happens
  22. New arena

    i dont expect it to come with the next update as a new arena would bring a lot more new cards than 4...
  23. New arena

    The news on a new arena has gone cold and now you have announced this new update so what is happening about the new arena?? still coming or been cancelled now??
  24. SLIDERS!!

    There is a skill in sliding as some players are awful at it haha
  25. I got signed as an Esports player for Hibernian!

    What does this mean???