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    Thank you for your update
  2. Leaderboard rewards

    Couldn't agree more... A lot of players lose interest when they realise you don't get anything for ending season high on the leaderboard so it's in the games interest to add this

    Any updates on progression for the new arena?? Also do you plan on introducing rewards for the leaderboard?
  4. 106 cards!

    and another slider on your bench and you wil good squad for arena
  5. 106 cards!

    vidal is quality card and so is pogba, if you have messi and ron then you got a great team godin is decent aswel
  6. 106 cards!

    Can't get Lahm or Alonso anymore they are legacy now. Also they are not very good cards
  7. it's not a regular thing

    I don't know what the problem was in helping other leagues complete their league packs, the game is more fun when the lp is on as opposed to after it's complete where it's just for trophies. helping other leagues complete theirs didn't only make others players stronger because they would get higher lp, it also made it more fun for me but also was a good way to get to know other players you play in arena as the emojis dont come across that well and need updating.. chat packs! now it''s only 1 lp per player... was that always the intention??
  8. Local Ranking

    local and global leaderboards.... i only see one leaderboard??
  9. Additions to the game.

    the keepers used to come out to edge of box before they updated them and i was scoring from the half way because of that so maybe it shouldn't be reintroduced
  10. Trophy decay bug

    reset that amount of 30k because surely a change in the game structure???
  11. Update, new gameplay

    I don't know when these posts are from but this game is great and each new update has changed the way players have to play the game, the keeper update was the biggest change as it meant more football was needed to be played to score whereas before it i was scoring from half way line with ease. I would like to see introduced to the game... 1. Prizes for top spots in the leaderboard, you could do something like blue pack for top spot, green pack for 2nd and 3rd, gold packs for 4-10th places and silver packs for 11-25th. it would make it more appealing and competitive as players would try get as high up the leaderboard as possible and even get number 1 2. Tournaments, The possibilities with these are endless... something easy like certain trophies or arena level to enter certain tournaments or even things like green card only tournaments and blue card only and so on. so basically tournaments which have requirements before you can enter them The new arena idea is great too and i expect it might bring a host of new players added to the game... Are any the things i've mentioned being talked about for getting introduced to the game>??
  12. Emoticons

    are they going to introduce chat packs so we can customise the emoji's

    Thank you, i look forward to seeing what images you come up with for each one

    When is the final round of voting??
  15. Abusive players

    Is there a nice way to deal with players??
  16. Won't load past 50%

    maybe to new update means you have to update your ios?? was your last account linked to facebook or twitter as that could help get it back.. have you wrote to them in game about it with your new account?
  17. My game stops loading

    maybe to new update means you have to update your ios?? failing that if it happens to me and stays on 50 for longer than usual i normally restart the app rather than wait

    Location - Manchester/England - Etihad Theme - Blue and white - Cobbled stony pitch - Industrial - Raining
  19. League Pack

    My Goals are not registering for the league pack.. i have not scored for another league and been in my current league for a long time now but this is the first time my goals haven't registered for the pack... can you help me? or help me find the people who can help me?? i have wrote to them in the game and no reply as yet!! Also when are you going to sort out the correct time of the league packs starting... Every week it's different time, looks very amateurish
  20. 100 consecutive wins.

    How did you not get near number 1 with that many wins??