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  1. The Child

    None the less, we have no affiliation with this accusation. You can say all you want but we but not cheat to win. We report the cheats because we are skilled enough in the game to compete.
  2. The Child

    Well written Keato. And yes we have no affiliation with BLYTH SPARTAN or Raw Sauce. It was all a shock to us when it happened.
  3. The andriod and iOS bug

    I still can’t get matched up in league friendly with android players.
  4. The Big Cheat

    Hi Alex, this has been done and will continue to happen if action isn’t taken. We play this football game to be competitive and to compete against the best. However we can not compete when a group on people are online late at night and plan to do this and gain a hell of a lot of trophies between them. This happens and on a regular basis. It would fix this if members from the same league can not face each other on a challenge. Because high trophy holders give out bucket loads of trophies to a low trophy holder once the high trophy holder loses. We are at conflict with another league and in actual fact a few left but I have no doubt they will be back to do this “cheat” I get that a overhaul needs to be done but this needs looked at. It is a loophole on getting higher trophies. Thanks for your time.
  5. The Big Cheat

    We have proof.
  6. 1st place

    As I said we are the best of the best, you guys just played a way to gain without competing. Feels pretty good.
  7. 1st place

    No to us you guys cheated, hence you no longer are our competitors. We won fair and square and you guys lost. It feels really good knowing people have to cheat to get a few hundred over us.
  8. The Big Cheat

  9. The Big Cheat

    No it’s just what comes out of your mouth, that your dads dick
  10. The Big Cheat

    I smell bs, you and Willy have talked and like that little tramp you are you said I’ll take the blame. You’re an idiot.
  11. The Big Cheat

    Ah, why would he want to argue with someone he claims he doesn’t know lol. Anyways good bye
  12. The Big Cheat

    Same here, I’m 5K for the first time. Gutted.
  13. The Big Cheat

    Why this one,
  14. The Big Cheat

    Thanks for the request Kane,
  15. The Big Cheat

    Just wow, opened my eyes. When this gets patched up, I’ll see you boys on the court. I’ll bring the “Vaseline”