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  1. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Finally we are getting tournaments! Ball dropping into game is a positive as i hardly ever get kick off. Not sure about the new shooting / goalkeeping system but will have to try it out first. Good news tho
  2. NEW UPDATE!!!

    There is no point in having high trophies! Bazza will play 24/7 to be no1 on leaderboard il play to fill my packs up and at the end of the week we both get the same NOWT! there has to be a point to the game
  3. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Highest trophies gets kick off is daft idea just means best players with highest trophies will always get kick off against lower players, meaning they will be even harder to beat! Random ball drop works for me and fair for good players and bad players
  4. Ibracadabra

    The cat is benzema sam
  5. NEW UPDATE!!!

    The ball drop is very good for me as say out of 20 games i might get kick off 6 times. I think if the new shooting and keeping is good and easy to do it will kick the game on to a new level
  6. Ibracadabra

    Hes had his day. He will be in the mls at end of season which means hes basically retired
  7. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Ball drop at the start is fair as the kick off in big games can decide the match. No shooting inside box and keeper has ball after goal these are just normal 5aside rules. The shooting and goalkeeping looks bad to me but cant comment til i try it. Also only 1 boost per player is good or should i say goodbye slide tacklers haha
  8. Competition

    And what do you do with the points? It still means nothing! What this game needs is in game cash for 1st 2nd 3rd on leaderboards..... giving you a reason to play. Knockout tournaments for those of us who have lives and cant be bothered to play bot through the night. ( and to see who the best players are) also cant play ko tournaments against bots! And also get rid of the free daily log in bonus, every1 will have maxed deck soon enough making the packs pointless.

    Dont put the emptyhad in there will be no fans!!!!!!
  10. A few ideas i like

    I made a 2nd account to keep in charge of goal kings when i moved to goal nation. Atleast i dont lie harryfuckingmultiple accounts you cheater
  11. A few ideas i like

    This game needs cash rewards for weekly top 3!knockout Tournaments! And most important reveal what accounts are linked so we can see who all the cheats are!
  12. The Big Cheat

  13. The Big Cheat

    Not going to deny it then willy
  14. The Big Cheat

    Ask him if hes brave hel tell you!
  15. The Big Cheat

  16. The Big Cheat

    Your friend WILLY!!! Lol i know he has an account in our league
  17. The Big Cheat

    What a load of bollocks this game has turned into man! Loads of players have multiple accounts. Loads of players move coins and xp! And now this and for what? You win nothing and nowhere does it say who were the best team last week. I dont give a fuck who denies it, most weeks we have maybe 10/15 people over 5000 trophies this week we already have 41 ffs there is obv cheating going on. Maybe its time for me to uninstall
  18. Devices

  19. Goal Nation

    HARROLD just say well done to goal nation and wel move on
  20. Goal Nation

    HARROLD come on now chap im having a chilled night at work im sick of coming on here to smack your arse! Behave or your grounded
  21. Goal Nation

    Stoller not sure theres enough space on this thread for how many times ive beaten mata nd morata players this week haha
  22. Goal Nation

    HARRY why you not posting pics of your wins? Will they have the time of 4am on them against bots
  23. Goal Nation

    Harry i very much doubt your 13!
  24. Goal Nation

    Only insults from me are towards harrypain in the arse
  25. Goal Princes

    Hkane have you every beat me? I cant remember lol