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  1. Leaderboards

    the leaderboards have got insane with people getting like 5800 I used to be top 30 but I can’t compete with this it’s crazy! Even Morrison used to be top 10 now look he is like 50th ish with the same amount of trophies I wanted to be 1st but I would have to play hundreds of games in a week
  2. Leaving hakuna Juan mata

    yh daily rewards are stupid has anyone got messi or ronaldo or neymar In one
  3. Leaving hakuna Juan mata

  4. Leaving hakuna Juan mata

    Why does people keep leaving our top 3 league hakuna Juan mata for the likes of goal kings and United Nations we get league pack quicker most times and An active league I don’t understand what for?? They probably think they are the best because they are 1 and 2 but they are only in that situation because of 2-3 people getting 5000+ its stupid
  5. Restart my account (help please)

    You need to do it in help/faq in settings on the game main menu and then once you press help/faq at the top is message write it there
  6. Manager level 12

  7. Cash

    Guys from my league spent cash upgrading players then they go and reset the level of the players my friend Sean maguire spent 70-80k upgrading Kevin de Bruyne and dybala and Isco and how can they can refunds
  8. New update error!

    Wow Morrison your mad
  9. NEW UPDATE!!!

    People will stop doing league pack because of daily rewards
  10. Update

    It’s shit basically
  11. League chat

    Happened again fuck off game what’s wrong with you
  12. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Yh they fucked up badly on daily rewards and once again can’t post or request player this game is pissing me off and I had dybala level 5 blue now level 5 elite that shouldn’t happen now probably loads of people have level 5 dybala ffs
  13. identify theft

    Yh it’s stupid Morrison and his assumptions
  14. Reaquann

    Sure it needed to be out there
  15. Reaquann

    Guys I want to clear something up I’m not reaquann don’t keep making accusations when they are not true he is just like us a normal player please don’t kick him for no reason and he/she won’t do anything wrong