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  1. 1st place

    I agree with pretty much everything Sam has said. Just call it a day lads and battle it out in the arena.
  2. The Big Cheat

    Hkane just leave it and play the game for the fun of it.
  3. The Big Cheat

    So we should deliberately try to make the league lose trophies? It's just common sense not some ingenious masterplan as you suggest.
  4. The Big Cheat

    Beautifully written but as far as I'm aware not actually true. All I know is that when people are playing challenges they sometimes let the other player win as they realise there's no point in beating them if there are no trophies to be won from the game. I personally don't see this as cheating but I may be wrong. In terms of deliberately trying to match one another in the arena to perform this 'cheat', I have not seen it happen once in our league. Again, it might be happening without my knowledge but I highly doubt it. Hope that clears things up and we can go back to competing again.
  5. Devices

    I hadn't noticed your name before you popped up on here so I would guess not. I'm sure we'll get the chance when it's all fixed.
  6. Devices

    Yeah, it's not much fun just playing half of you lot. Hardly anyone other than wes and morrison actually give me a decent game at the minute...
  7. Devices

    Feel free to play on that iPad more often. Was planning to play a few nice, easy games then get you first up...
  8. Players profiles

    Could probably improve on that by having last game replay and the time since it was played. I would imagine most people in our leagues log in every day just to get the packs.
  9. Players profiles

    Not sure how much that would help. Maybe just limit how many people VPs can kick per day or something. I like the win streak idea though. You build it up for ages then lose a game and it's like it never happened.
  10. Goal Nation

    Is that why my friendlies haven't always been working? Starting to make a lot of sense now.
  11. Goal Nation

    Also, top marks to whoever changed your league description.
  12. Goal Nation

    Is there actually a matching bug? I hadn't noticed but now you mention it there are quite a few players near the top I've not played recently...
  13. Goal Nation

    Don't worry bare, I'm following it all, just not getting involved in the rather childish behaviour. Nice to see a bit more competition at the top but not sure the insults towards our league as a whole are necessary.
  14. Ultimate Pack!!

    That's what I thought. So need to save up 100k if I want them, which I'm not sure I do...
  15. Ultimate Pack!!

    Just XP or the actual player first time round? Well done on getting a response from them; they've blanked me since before Christmas.