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  1. League chat

    Hkane can u let me back into Hakuna Juan mata
  2. I think we should get more cash for the videos we watch for example 1-10 seconds long = 500 cash 11-20 should get 1000 cash and 21 to 30 should get 2000 cash
  3. New pack

    We could get new packs called the platinum packs
  4. Selling players

    I like that idea is u could get cash for it
  5. Leaderboard rewards

    Never heard a better idea
  6. Bugs

    I know it annoys me so much
  7. Won’t let me play matches

    I try to play matches and it searches for a players for about 5 seconds and then it crashes and won’t let me play urghhh!!! So many bugs need fixing
  8. Bugs

    I had lvl 3 dybala and I had level 5 Isco and I had enough cash to upgrade them to the highest I could make them and then everyone is downgraded and I made them both lvl 2 cos I didn’t have enough cash to do anymore upgrading
  9. Bugs

    They didn’t change gorse
  10. Bugs

    it is sooo annoying when my players randomly downgrade and I don’t get my cash back! I have lost about 80k can u fix it please and give me the cash back?
  11. New Greek Army

    This is just a place to talk about stuff for the Vice Presidents