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  1. NEW UPDATE!!!

    I just finished collecting all the cards and was happy to just focus on leveling up as I think I have quite a perfect combination of players. Was getting ready to use this team to challenge other top players as I even made it over 50 games undefeated. Now with all the changes coming I feel like I don't want to continue. They should keep this game and introduce the updates as a separate game for those who might like one over another.
  2. New card type?

    Thanks for the answers.
  3. New card type?

    I was playing against another team in arena 3 and the other team has Lahm level 1 but the card color was pink. I know we have good, superb, and elite players. Is that a new card type? I checked the deck of cards that you can get at each arena and cannot see Lahm or any card with the same color.
  4. Cant comment or request xp in league chat page

    I am experiencing the same problem with xp.