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  1. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Agree with most of you here. Only thing really needed was tournaments. Random ball drop will be the same lottery as who gets KO. Best fix to that, for me, would be a game has to be won by two clear goals. I'm aware that would potentially increase game time but would add fairness and some real tension too. Agree with @Morrison about daily packs. They need to go. Instead there should be weekly packs where the prizes are based on the following: Trophies, League Finish, LP goals, Win Streaks and any Personal Bests in those areas. PS Quite like that you can have friendlies against non league members though. Could be interesting...
  2. Top Players

    Thanks bro. You too. Let’s run away together 😉
  3. Top Players

    None taken 😂
  4. Top Players

    Hey S. Do you mean top players as in Ronaldo, Messi etc or top players as in guys who play the game?
  5. Top Players

    Glad of that. Well done for the swift action Alex
  6. Tackle boost glitch

    To be fair I have not experienced that. But I know a lot of others have
  7. The Fifty

    A brand new independent League - The Fifty - has now been launched Ambitious but chilled. Competitive but respectful. Rivals but not enemies. Open to committed, mature and progressive new members
  8. The Fifty

    Lucky you're not invited then whoever you are. Thanks for your mature and informed opinion though
  9. Legendary ronaldo

    Why? Can’t you just watch videos?
  10. Forum Behaviour

  11. The Big Cheat

    Dear SMA and the rest of the community I am sad to report that Hakuna Juan Mata have been cheating. For quite how long I honestly couldn’t attest to. But I would say guess for at least a month. There lies within the game the ability to use the Challenges mode of the game to cheat and “gift” trophies to league members. Please find full explaination as follows; The glitch is this. A player with high trophies goes on a challenge at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME as a lower level teammate goes to play a normal game. If they match, the higher ranked player throws the game. Winner gets trophies. Loser loses nothing. I believe that this is the reason Hakuna Juan Mata have managed to accrue so many trophies recently. But particularly this week when they have had to up their game to compete with a new and arguably superior rival league. Additionally I believe that this is the reason many of the top ranked players have achieved so many trophies over the last few weeks. It would be very easy for 3 or 4 players in the same league to plan to go online at the same time during the small hours when there aren’t many people playing and take turns to gift trophies to each other. This is blatant and outrageous cheating. And it essentially renders the game pointless. Does the league number one spot matter? Not when people cheat, no. Does the individual number one spot matter? Not when people cheat, no. So. Unless something is done about this, the game, which I love, is moribund. However, the solution is simple. SMA developers, please can you do the following ASAP; ensure that players playing Challenges match ONLY other players doing likewise and players playing League games match ONLY those doing the same. Then there will finally be a level playing field. PS should it be required I can provide irrefutable photographic proof to substantiate my accusations in this post. I await SMA’s response keenly
  12. The Big Cheat

    I'm done now B. I've made my point.
  13. The Big Cheat

    We must have kicked your mole then HKane as if you had intel you would know that we are not doing it now. Or any other time apart from the times specified previously. That's because, funnily enough, we don't really like cheating and prefer not to stoop as low as some others who choose to crawl around in the ethical gutter. We genuinely don't care about who is the "number one" league now. It's meaningless. The entire game has been ruined for many people now because of the actions of members of your league. Congratulations young man. Well done.
  14. The Big Cheat

    Hi Alex. I appreciate your response. However I must refute your position slightly. Before making any accusations we obviously had to be sure that this was a bona fide way of gifting trophies to team mates. Over a one hour period, or there or thereabouts on Sunday afternoon, we attempted this strategy multiple times. I would say that it worked more 80% of the time. In the times that it didn't work - the player playing the challenges lost nothing and, as we are all decent players in our league, the player playing "ladder" matches didn't actually lose any trophies either. Additionally that 80%+ success rate was achieved at possibly the busiest time of the week. On a weekend when players and leagues are desperately trying to improve their trophies. I can only imagine that if two or three players attempted to do this strategy at say 3am they would enjoy a much higher success rate than 80%.
  15. I feel your pain TeamCC. The worst part is the lack of communication here, I am still waiting for a response to a message I sent last week SMA?
  16. A few ideas i like

    Ok. My mistake. Apologies. I’ll stay out of it
  17. A few ideas i like

    Unless i’m mistaken here Hkane was talking to Morrison not you Denham. He was claiming Pogba is Morrison’s second account. There is no row here. Am I right Hkane?
  18. 1st place

    Well said Hearts. I know full well that 48 of you are decent guys.
  19. 1st place

    I am a nice guy. I respect where it’s due. Not a massive fan of cheating though.
  20. 1st place

  21. 1st place

    You know what you do over there. SMA and the rest of the community will know soon. Such a shame
  22. 1st place

    That is exactly what I was asking for earlier when I popped into your league. I wanted to have a civil and grown up conversation with Bazza but was kicked before I was able to have that chat properly. We are all clearly good players in good leagues and we all love the game. I am all for a bit of friendly banter but disrespect and piss taking are unacceptable on both sides. A simple good luck at the start and good game at the end isn’t so difficult I don’t think. Hope we can all be civil in the arena and move on. PS Unlike you Hkane (when you popped into Goal Princes) and Bazza (is he really nearly 50??) when he popped in last week I was never going to swear, threaten, piss take, bait or disrespect in your league chat before I left.
  23. Devices

    Yeah very impressive Willy. You must be some player to get the better of Wes that many times too. Congratulations on that streak. And if you ever feel like joining a proper league let us know yeah...? 😉
  24. Devices

    Been investigating this in our league. Looks like that’s definitely the reason. Will have definitive proof later tonight I think
  25. Goal Nation

    Well hopefully we’ll get a rematch soon...