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  1. HAkuna Juan Mata

    Is this drama over at hakuna? No way I would have never have thought it.....
  2. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Still no update for me
  3. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Yeah he was lol
  4. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Stoller your inbox may be full mate
  5. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Thats the perks of putting in the time to get your trophies high imo.
  6. NEW UPDATE!!!

    A full name change suggest to me that there having copyright issues possibley or why bother changing the name. Agree with the most part I’m only after tournaments no need to be changing shooting and goalkeeping. Likes of the kick off is as sam said its a lottery just depends on whos waiting in the lobby the longest. I think the highest trophy holder shoud always get kick off but thats just my opinion. New cards is always a good thing I’d like to see a quicker way to earn cash other than watching adds. Tournaments with a minimun buy in of game cash the way to go for me!
  7. Competition

    Cheers mate
  8. Competition

    Its just for an added interest for people who use the forum that was all. I’ll do the working out though won’t be hard anyway lol
  9. Competition

    Say the league leaderboard finished the way it is the now den. Italian job would get 4 pts, hakuna 2 pts, us and the 50 would get a point each. That any clearer? And so on so fourth for the rest of the weeks. If it finishes the same next week itslian job will be on 8 pts, hakuna 4 pts, us and the 50 2 pts.
  10. Competition

    Naw mate. 1st place league gets 4 pts 2nd place league gets 2 pts 3rd + 4th get a point each its a comp for leagues. No for individual players.
  11. Competition

    Its a league thing den not like a single player thing. Aye its just for added interest mate
  12. Competition

    I was thinking of running a league on here for fun. It could run like this - 1st place league = 4 pts 2nd place league = 2 pts 3rd and 4th place leagues = 1 pt Just for some added interest but I would need previous seasons league standings and I would update the league table on a monday. Can’t believe there isn’t an option to check this already anyways on the game. What do the presidents think anyone up for this?
  13. Competition

    If alex could get back to me I could explain better lol
  14. Top Players

    Its tournaments I want mate. Hopefully get them
  15. Top Players

    Cheers mate. Your a top player aswell