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  1. Trophy reset fail - another bug

    Ruins it for everyone really . Don't know how bazza feels about it but I'm not interested we're I Finnish this week. Probably just play for packs
  2. Trophy reset fail - another bug

    Ive not reset alex . I think it' because I was playing in the arena during the reset . I would rather start from 4000 to be honest because whatever I do this week isn't legit
  3. The Child

    Your up late hkane if you are 13
  4. Devices

    Sounds like a dirty old man to me 😂
  5. Devices

    You didn't write it I'm just really interested to know why anyone would need Vaseline ready for me . Lol 👄
  6. Devices

    Well somone wants to get Vaseline ready for me by the looks of it
  7. Devices

    Doesn't answer my question.
  8. Devices

    Anyone know why bazza needs vas for me ? 😚
  9. Devices

  10. Devices

    Think that's 4 wins over me in the last 2 days ! I need to stop the rot 🤞🙈
  11. Devices

    Good game Willy. Think il give the iPad a miss tho I'm useless on it
  12. Devices

    I use a Samsung but just linked my account to my I pad and am now playing everyone on my iPad that I couldn't on my Samsung
  13. Goal Nation

    Probably not been on the same time . No I can't match taz or Denham either
  14. Goal Nation

  15. Goal Nation

    I don't think bots count . You can play anyone's bot