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  1. Legendary ronaldo

    He’s on the shop today!!
  2. Guys what do you think about adding to the game a feature that would basically be a Champions Cup where in a certain day of the week, at a right time, the players that get qualified play doing a group stage and then elimination rounds in order to win like cash or coins, something like that? And why I’m I thinking about this? It would be interesting to see player getting recognized not because they can play 100 games a day(I’m exagerating but you understand) but because they’re genuinely good!(or got lucky, it happens sometimes :D) think it would be something that would add a lot of preparation and other type of challenges to the game. Thats all, good games to everyone.
  3. Devices

    I think it’s the other way around, there much more IOS players
  4. The odd own goal

    Same problem with me sometimes!
  5. The Big Cheat

    Shitty league?! How dare you to apologize, ask for respect and then call us that? You realize nobody likes you, you’re always causing trouble, do you have anything in your head?! You’re 10? Piece of ..
  6. Goal Nation

    For u guys
  7. Goal Princes

    I will save those words...
  8. HKane !!!

    Hey stoller lets play a friendly quick?
  9. HKane !!!

    Gotta see Whats going on in here hahah
  10. HKane !!!

    Whatsssss uppp