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  1. NEW UPDATE!!!

    people play the game for a reason. to many changes isnt good. all we wanted was tournaments
  2. NEW UPDATE!!!

    good news. morrison u have no idea. this will completely ruin the game. i may aswel delete the game now 1. Ball drops randomly at the start of a match. pish 2. goaly has the ball after a goal. pish 3. 3d shooting, could be hard to get used to dont see a problem in that 4. No shooting inside box. weird 5. in general. pish i strongly disagree with this update its going to make a fun game die out... the video looks shite just my opinion wayyyyy to many changes that will fuck it up
  3. Competition

    have you seen my theory thread...
  4. Competition

    aw so friendlies n stuff? howd that work? im confused mate
  5. Competition

    All the nighthawks will get 1st - 3rd now thats how it works. BotBoyBazza but yeah give it a go and see if it works. that doesnt hurt... but what will 1st place get? or is it just for the fun of it. i get what you mean but...
  6. Competition

    if u explained here he might see it and reply quicker if its a good idea
  7. Heres a theory

    ul be better off on tinder . a game should have aims. targets as such
  8. Top Players

    ur meant to call me a top player too
  9. Heres a theory

    Everyone plays this game alot. and i mean alot even me but why? whats to play for? exept top 50 which in all fairness means nothing as who evers 1st no one remembers it and its for nothing at all no prizes? its a game that has nothing to win and even though we like to compete for top league - who remembers whos won? its a fun game thats why i play it. but whats to play for?
  10. Competition

    what do u mean by competition bro
  11. Top Players

    My boy Keato and Gorse for me. always gives me a game
  12. Trophy reset fail - another bug

    it seems like as soon as one bugs fixed. another appears...
  13. The Big Cheat

    leave it at that dad show your more mature and agree to disagree. theyl stop if you do. if they dont then thats their problem not ours! do ur talking on the arena !! 💪🏻
  14. The Big Cheat

    is the lag going to be fixed any time soon? i mean thats the top priority right? not the ( 3D goals ) which would only being double the amount of lag surely. quality over quantity please mate
  15. A few ideas i like

    nah its cool. it wasnt worded correctly by kane got to admit but i understood it just. could have meant anything mate