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  1. NEW UPDATE!!!

    This has been a common theme in the feedback we have received. I can confirm that in the next build it will be removed. The aim was to add an element of realism, with better players better controlling the ball and rewarding better quality passing and build up. However we accept that it does not feel within your control and will have it turned off. Also I have been informed that direct friendlies will be available in the next update so you will be able to challenge one another (regardless of league). And check out the new shooting system against real players.
  2. Beta

    There was a temporary server error affecting the iOS platform. This was unrelated to the early access.
  3. iOS: Please Update screen

    We experienced some down time on the iOS platform last night. Some users might have seen a screen stating "An Update is available" which restricted your access to the game. This was an error with our servers and was quickly resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  4. NEW UPDATE!!!

    The improvements to the free (swipe) pass has given you the ability to add curl to the passes in order to avoid defenders in your path when a tap pass would go straight to them. Just to confirm that I am discussing this feedback with our development team. If you are playing with others on this new version, please encourage them to share their thoughts.
  5. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Nice one Morrison. With the passing have you been mostly using the method of tapping on a player, or have you been using the free (swipe) passes? Additionally, there has been a tweak to the dribbling. There is a chance of taking slightly longer to bring the ball under control depending on the quality of the pass, but once under control the dribbling is now more sensitive to your commands. The player will move slowly towards the goal until you provide a point to move towards. Once they reach the point they will again slow until commanded again. This change of pace can be used to avoid challenges and slide tackles.
  6. Early Access Annoucement

    TO ALL ANDROID APPLICANTS: Please ensure you have signed up to the Forum so you may receive the OPT-IN Link that allows access to the BETA.
  7. NEW UPDATE!!!

    The Early access is a benefit for active forum users. Due to this current account being an attempt to bypass restrictions currently in place on your original account, access will not be provided.
  8. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Thanks for the feedback and the access info. We believed it was simply a matter of time as the BETA version propagated throughout the Play Store. This confirms it. Cheers.
  9. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Had a few messages from android users who expected to receive an opt-in email but haven't yet. Can any android users confirm that they have received access?
  10. NEW UPDATE!!!

    Hi, For those who have completed the application to gain early access, you should now have received invites/opt-in links to be able to access the latest version via your platforms Beta service. If you experience any problems with the access process please let me know. To speed up the process please use @SM Support(Alex) to tag me or PM me so I am notified. For any other feedback please use this thread for discussion. Saves having to create a new one. Please keep the feedback constructive, absolutely no problems not liking one thing or another, but please elaborate on why you don't like it and what tweaks or changes might improve the feature for you. Cheers!
  11. Early Access Annoucement

    Hi All, As our wonderful Forum community contains many of the most active high achievers playing Soccer Manager Arena. We are looking to offer the opportunity for early access for you to provide you thoughts and feedback to us. To gain access to the BETA version please complete the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/HmvWt8K3PrfQUq1H2 You can read about the upcoming changes here (Update Sneak Peaks) Currently we can only provide BETA access to mobile devices(iOS/Android). Also at this stage certain features may not be available but will become available with time. While on the BETA version you will have access to your LIVE profile. League actions will be available (Chat, Donate/Request, League Goals) but due to the major changes in the Match Engine you will be unable to be matched up with users on the current LIVE VERSION. This includes in Ladder, Challenge and Friendly matches.
  12. Wrong pack deal for promotion

    Hi, Each special offer can only be purchased once. If the current Arena offer has been bought, the special offer for the Highest Arena you haven't yet purchased will be displayed. So it is possible to see the Special offer for Arena 4 while playing in Arena 8 or 9.
  13. Competition

    Hi, Just popping my head in to acknowledge I've seen this now. It's not something I have access to right now. But I'll ask around and see what comes back. Give me a few days to get back to you on this.
  14. Conned

    Hi, Due to the sensitive nature of discussing payment information I have sent you a Private Message to further this issue.
  15. @Cadar91 Sorry to hear this, I have sent you a PM. Please take a look and we will try to resolve the issue.