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  1. Do you still require support to retrieve your original account?

    The suggestions are in, the people have had their say. Now its time to decide! Tell us which is your favourite suggestion, which Arena do you want to be playing in? The 2 suggestions with the highest votes will be mocked up and put to the final vote (see https://goo.gl/z1Z1jq for more details on each option)
  3. If you report this information through the in-game support our staff will be able to restore the original account.

    We sincerely apologise for the delay in having these designs available. The member of staff responsible for these has been unexpectedly unavailable. We hope to have more information in the near future. Once again, sorry.
  5. Lost my account!

    Hi, I believe this issue should now be resolved with your original account restored.
  6. Game has froze

    Sorry to hear this. Can you confirm: That you have played the game before? if so can you PM me your Club Name That the device time is set correctly? Can you PM me the location(country) you are attempting to access the game from?

    We're going to design each Arena so we'll have images attached, Not set in stone but likely to aim for the end of the month (of August)

    THE VOTES ARE IN! We have a three way tie for the number one spot England - Manchester, Mexico - Azteca and The Grid - Tron all with 4 votes. We will be back in the near future, hopefully with some mock-ups of what we see these Arenas appearing as. Feel free to provide your feedback or even your own mock ups of the winning Arenas.
  9. The Don

    There appears to be an issue with the Data Pack you are using. If you open the Settings menu (cog icon in the top right of the main screen). You will find an Option named "DATA PACK". Please tell us the Data Pack currently in use. And while you are there we would recommend loading a different Data pack. There are ratings to help guide your choice.
  10. Abusive players

    For abusive players we recommend taking a screen shot of the abusive item and the Profile page of the Club posting it. Email those to the SM Arena email with a title clearly identifying the contents as abusive users.
  11. League Pack

    Its recommended that this would be reported via the in-game support so our team can access the account information directly. However there is a cut off point the evening before a league pack opens for contributions that you must have joined the League.
  12. Lost or Replaced Accounts - Please read

    It is usually restored within a few days I believe.
  13. Lost or Replaced Accounts - Please read

    We are aware that a number of users have experienced an account being replaced with new data. We believe we have now identified the cause of this issue. We have also created a tool to recover the original account. In order to have us do this please submit an in-game report using the Help option: (Settings > Help/FAQ > Click the chat icon in the top right of the screen) Please include the following information about your original account: Club Name: Manager Level: Trophy Count/Arena level: League name(if applicable.): Please set the title of your account as "Lost Account" We are very sorry about the inconvenience you have experienced and thank you for your patience.
  14. Sort The Matchmaking

    Without knowing what your Trophy count is we cannot confirm that the matchmaking is correct. A percentage of your current Trophy Count will be added or deducted to determine the maximum and minimum Trophy Count of a potential opponent. As your trophies increase so does the sum of the percentage, so at higher trophy counts + / - 600 isn't unusual.
  15. Purchases

    Please report this through the in-game support, including your Transaction ID for the purchase in the report.
  16. My game stops loading

    Can you tell us two things: 1) The country you are accessing the game from & 2) Is your devices CLOCK set to the correct time?
  17. Lost account :(

    Please report this through the in-game support on your new account so we are able to easily trace both accounts and restore the original.
  18. League time going up

    We are aware of this issue, it occurs between midnight of the day the pack opens and the actual pack opening time. We will have this resolve once slightly more pressing issues have been resolved.
  19. Cannot request cards

    We have now identified and resolved the problem that was regularly causing this issue. You should no longer experience this going forward. We are very sorry for the inconvenience that has been caused while we dealt with the issue.
  20. Cant't watch videos

    Currently the adverts you see when attempting to get the Free Cash are provided by only one ad network. We have been monitoring the stats and know that the match rate (number of requests that successfully show ads) is lower than we would like for Apple devices. We are now looking into adding mediation between a number of providers, unfortunately this takes time to determine which providers are most suitable to our game. For example we can't have an ad network that pumps out content targeting 18+.
  21. Won't load past 50%

    This may sound like a daft question, but can you please confirm that your devices CLOCK is set to the correct time?
  22. Chat Problem

    We have now identified and resolved the problem that was regularly causing this issue. You should no longer experience this going forward. We are very sorry for the inconvenience that has been caused while we dealt with the issue.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Created a poll with all the results to go to the public vote. (https://goo.gl/LVR4mh) Head over there and place your vote to pick the Arena you want to be playing in! The 2 options with the most suggestions will be mocked up and make it to the final Vote.
  24. Loading Screen

    We are very sorry to hear this and we hope we can find a solution quickly. However we require just a little more information from some of you. Can you please tell us: The device/platform you are playing on? If this is the first time you have launched the app or do you have an account already, maybe installed on a different device using the same accounts ? And your Location (we are working with some regional publishers and may need to communicate with them to resolve issues) Thanks for taking the time to report your issue to us.
  25. Cant't watch videos

    Thanks for reporting the issue. This is the expected functionality when there are no adverts available to be shown by our provider. This should only be a temporary problem and videos should be available soon after. Can you tell us how long you have not seen an ad for? Also what country you are in so we can check the match rate of our provider in your region. Thanks.