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  1. 2121

    Dude, how strategical is this??

    HEY GUYS, I TOOK A LONG BREAK DUE TO THE CRASHES THAT HAVE BEEN HAPPENING BUT I AM BACK I am really good at video editing and actually have multiple awards for it, I have a great idea that can boost our community to its heights. The community channel will have: Goals of the weeks Tactics Player reviews PACKS OF THE WEEK Tournaments Hosted by Me Update Reviews Developer Interviews Here is the problem tho: I will need help from the Game team to Advertise the channel I will need help for the game team to give me support for the start of this project OF course the Game Community is the most important thing,I will need them to collaborate and be active. How to achieve this: I will work on the channel and channel AD SMA TEAM promotes the channel through social media and IN-game Community involvement Do you think this is A good idea!! Would You Like This To Be A Project Tell me your suggestions below hoping for contact with the Team Lets grow out community Kemo
  3. Button Controls in Match - Can't Play

    Does it occur in patterns?
  4. Button Controls in Match - Can't Play

    You are on the new update (stamina) but old controls....WOW!!
  5. Loading Screen

    Wifi Connection most probably.

    As usual, Monday starts and we all go back to 4000 trophies, it took u over 6 hours to release the League Pack and Reset And then after we went hard for 4 hours getting 100+ goals each HAVING A 5/10, WHAT DO U DO??? RESET!!! WHATS UP WITH THE SERVERS....WE NEED COMPENSATION FOR OUR TIME.
  7. Button Controls in Match - Can't Play

    Disclaimer: I am not a developer and not pretending to be Try: Clearing your cache Clearing SMA cache Clearing SMA DATA Restarting device ReInstalling These are the basic steps of solving an issue, if it isnt resolved then it is an issue from the games side.
  8. Button Controls in Match - Can't Play

    What do the 2 buttons say?
  9. League V League

    Here is an outline of my idea: The top 25 in a league by Wednesday are put to face another League Everyone has 2 matches, the winner gets a League Champion point The team that ends up with the most League Champion points gets rewarded Rewards can range from packs and coins to a XP system The more you win the more the benefits
  10. New Update, New issue

    It is exactly the same point, in training before the ball and players appear but after the pitch does Personally I experienced this only on one device, used to happen to 2 more last update but they are fixed. I really want to be able to play, i dont even want the training i want an option to link my device so i can play
  11. New Update, New issue

    Well, remember when I posted a complaint about the crashing while loading on my NOTE3 So today the update came out, I launch the game it loads and goes into training and then as soon as the field is unveiled BOOOM crash are you serious, i haven't been able to play for weeks and now i cant even test the major update. I NEED A QUICK RESPONSE !!
  12. it's not a regular thing

    Sharzil NEVER LEFT italia... he is in my clan and he never leaves, and in our league chat he said he will be busy for the next 3 days or so and HASNT LEFT... Please gather proof, Sharzil is a good friend of mine and i dont think he is done any offence
  13. We all like events,holidays and public days. they are a day off from the boredom of work loads. what better than play SMA right? How about give players gifts like packs or cash(ingame ) We have Things like Ramadan Comin up We have season endings (football) What do you think...is it a good attraction to get players on holidays or is is over giving?
  14. Acceleration

    Another IDEA....... as this update will be a tactical one, allow players to captain a player, the captain's contrubution gives a slight XP BOOST, captain status also tracks the players stats!!!
  15. SMA Doesn't want to startup!!

    Thanks mate <3 Brilliant team with a quick response, i hope you stay the same!!