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    My and my clan (italia) always talk about how bad the chances of packing a new player is, recently....I dont know what changed but holy cow.... I free packed: Neuer Pogba Lewandoski Vidal all in a day are pack chances increased? am i the only one?
  2. Before we start I am not calling myself a pro or the best but in my journey to reaching number 1 in the world i learned a few things along the road. Lets start with your team: DO NOT TRY TO JUST HAVE HIGHER QUALITY PLAYERS good players are better that elites in many ways one is their recharge speed players like hulk and salah are beasts upfront who can bang in goals better than elites i tried like suarez who has a longer recharge time making him less effective. for your goalie it doesnt really matter all of them will concede what u need is a keep with quick reactions I recommend patricio not bravo as his reactions are off and any elite goalie is worth a shot but the best goalie imo is COURTOIS he is a beast in goal. defenders use the ones you are comfortable with not ones who are higher in quality. players like luiz and bellerin top any defender i played against MIDFIELDERS ARE A WASTE OF TIME I WOULD USE 2 DEFENDERS AND 2 ATTACKERS ONE WHO IS AN ACTUAL STRIKER THE OTHER A WINGER THAT CAN PLAY IN MIDFIELD LIKE RIBERY Players; Pace matters for you strikers that is why SALAH AND AUBAMAYANG ARE GODS Dribbling isnt as important because u will be passing alot to get away from your marker One defender should have high pace so your counter attacks can go up with speed and then a cross to your striker is deadly that is why bellerin should never be subbed out of your team passing atleast two players in your team should be pass masters because if you know how to play your through balls you will rek people USE RAGE DEFENDERS Defending techniques: always hold tackle and pull the other teammates back to defend when u r close enough tackle the player even if you are facing your goal the goalie will save it. attacking: CROSS: run up the wings with pace pull your striker away from his marker and bang one in, spam the shot button as the ball flys in and there is an easy goal EDGE GOALS: run in the box at a 90 to 45 angle and as soon as you are close to the pen spot even if you arent facing goal tap the shoot button and it will go in 99 percent of the time Long shots: if you have open space and you are in an angle on goal with the keeper out of position power up 1/2 of the shot bar and let go and it is going in like it or not CROWD GOALS:if your striker is in a crowd of defenders pass the ball back to a player who is in your opponents half and spam shoot as the ball arrives as the keeper is distracted the shot goes in DRIBBLE GOALS: self explaintory Through balls: if your striker is marked pull him away from the defender and as soon as he is away pass and you are in on goal
  3. Button Controls in Match - Can't Play

    Does it occur in patterns?
  4. Button Controls in Match - Can't Play

    You are on the new update (stamina) but old controls....WOW!!

    As usual, Monday starts and we all go back to 4000 trophies, it took u over 6 hours to release the League Pack and Reset And then after we went hard for 4 hours getting 100+ goals each HAVING A 5/10, WHAT DO U DO??? RESET!!! WHATS UP WITH THE SERVERS....WE NEED COMPENSATION FOR OUR TIME.
  6. Loading Screen

    Wifi Connection most probably.
  7. Button Controls in Match - Can't Play

    Disclaimer: I am not a developer and not pretending to be Try: Clearing your cache Clearing SMA cache Clearing SMA DATA Restarting device ReInstalling These are the basic steps of solving an issue, if it isnt resolved then it is an issue from the games side.
  8. Button Controls in Match - Can't Play

    What do the 2 buttons say?
  9. League V League

    Here is an outline of my idea: The top 25 in a league by Wednesday are put to face another League Everyone has 2 matches, the winner gets a League Champion point The team that ends up with the most League Champion points gets rewarded Rewards can range from packs and coins to a XP system The more you win the more the benefits
  10. New Update, New issue

    Well, remember when I posted a complaint about the crashing while loading on my NOTE3 So today the update came out, I launch the game it loads and goes into training and then as soon as the field is unveiled BOOOM crash are you serious, i haven't been able to play for weeks and now i cant even test the major update. I NEED A QUICK RESPONSE !!
  11. New Update, New issue

    It is exactly the same point, in training before the ball and players appear but after the pitch does Personally I experienced this only on one device, used to happen to 2 more last update but they are fixed. I really want to be able to play, i dont even want the training i want an option to link my device so i can play
  12. SMA Doesn't want to startup!!

    As you guys might know, I play SMA across 4 devices and lately i got hooked back to my NOTE 3 but the issue is.. after factory reset, i reinstalled the game and it would go all the way to the 1%(for a slight second) and then it would just close, not crash but as if it is willingly closing... i relaunch it but it just keeps repeating. I tried everything.. Force stopping...deleting...clearing data....force stopping play games....clearing cache...restarting....NONE WORK!! Samsung Galaxy NOTE 3 Android 5.0 Waiting for your reply and kind help SMA TEAM!!
  13. it's not a regular thing

    Sharzil NEVER LEFT italia... he is in my clan and he never leaves, and in our league chat he said he will be busy for the next 3 days or so and HASNT LEFT... Please gather proof, Sharzil is a good friend of mine and i dont think he is done any offence
  14. We all like events,holidays and public days. they are a day off from the boredom of work loads. what better than play SMA right? How about give players gifts like packs or cash(ingame ) We have Things like Ramadan Comin up We have season endings (football) What do you think...is it a good attraction to get players on holidays or is is over giving?
  15. Acceleration

    I have been in this community since day 1... since the announcement....and when the closed beta release was delayed is sent an essay across to the SMA team. Here is an issue that has only been growing update after update.... ACCELERATION!!! Lets be realistic... Ronaldo or Lukaku can muscle off 90% of defenders and when they do the defender is left for dead and the player is left for dead too..why? Because as soon as the player gets the ball he goes into a burst off acceleration giving others absolutely no chance of catching up...there should be different acceleration for different cards... Ronaldo shouldn't accelerate quickly because he is already too good... players like jesus or salah can have higher accelerations to keep players thinking of decisions. I think most players can agree when i say.... U see a Ronaldo or Lukaku or Higuin and you know your defender aint got a damn chance of tackling them, the only thing they can do is slow them down and then get left for dead with the instant acceleration!!!
  16. Acceleration

    Another IDEA....... as this update will be a tactical one, allow players to captain a player, the captain's contrubution gives a slight XP BOOST, captain status also tracks the players stats!!!
  17. SMA Doesn't want to startup!!

    Thanks mate <3 Brilliant team with a quick response, i hope you stay the same!!
  18. Trophy discussion

    Contact the SMA team they might help you out!!
  19. Trophy discussion

    Zero You literally start from the bottom I am not sure tho!! I started playing 8-9 month ago (DAY 1) Maybe they changed it.
  20. Lets be honest here... the best testers truly molded this game with the SMA TEAM.... but when the game releases... we are no left in a mixture of random players...unrecognized...faded...forgotten.....I think players that were here from the starts deserve a veteran badge on their profile....a free player......... A REWARD FOR THEIR LOYALTY...FOR BEING HERE SINCE DAY 1(LIKE ME).....we should be recognized... I aint asking much..... I just want to have something that makes me feel like: "I helped them and stayed true to them... and it pays off now!!" Please don't let us down!!! - From your most lovin' and loyal fans <3
  21. Special Cards

    Up until now we have seen COMMON,SUPERB AND ELITE but what if we had special cards that were out in packs for a limited time... like league winning cards (ex: Chelsea) or record breakers, the card would be distinguished by a special color and different stats, by different stats i mean if a players total is stats are 126 , the special card would have 126 total with boosted attribute and a decreased one. For example.... Chelsea wins the premier league..... Hazards card gets boosted dribbling and pace with decreased defending and strength and the card would be out for a week with an extreme rarity 1 in a 150 I think this would keep players comin back every week to see the new player and to get a chance of packing a special player this would also make players feel special owning a card that is quite limited I suggest making a special player always available in a league pack as it rewards league cooperation . - KemoCono
  22. Special Cards

    Please don't be too OP..... I mean cards like Ronaldo can muscle off any defender and go into an instant acceleration
  23. This ISSUE is killing the game

    Issue Summary: When connection issues occur or any rhetoric box comes up, the buttons are unclickable....tested on 6 devices Issue Details: Unclickable YES/NO/RETRY/X buttons Device details; BRAND : Samusung(6) MODEL : Galaxy S2, Note 3, Note 4, Galaxy s6 , Note 5 , Galaxy TAB 3 OS : all are on android 6.0 (official and non official) VERSION : ^^^^
  24. Packs!!

    For anyone doubting the pack reward system,here is how it works Arrangement from common to rarest Silver Gold Champions Super Champions Ultimate All packs can be gained from just playing the game, personally I got all types except super champion from just playing
  25. 1. club leader should get a captain badge with higher privlages than club members 2. top 3 players should get monthly awards or boosted aftergames rewards or better packs 3.after arena 8 we can have a league; every one gets 10 PVP games with 3 points for win 1 for draw 0 for loss top 3 players gets rewards 4. club matchups 11V11 club v club like a clash of clans kinda system winning club can get awards badges 5. trophy room to showcase players stats like vetran(beta tester) top player(top 10 world wide) leader(club leader) these are seperate from achievments and are shown as cups this showcases a persons achievments in a room format 6. special cards for events like XMAS OR HALLOWEEN that get unlocked by doing extreme challenges 7. CELEBRATIONS LET US DAB ON EM 8.after arena 8 no one should get silver packs it kinda feels like an insult to players who worked hard 9.players that arent in the game can be on for a flash sale(on the market) like giroud or benzema 10. captaining a player in your team to boost their recharge speed by a small percentage 11. Nerf LUIZ PLEASE 12.player switching should be implemented; the number of times i conced cuz my defender cant be selected 13. higher the percentage of getting new players for god sake every pack is just upgrade after upgrade we need to get new players the top players are still stuck with good cards 14. through ball powerup for midfielders will be great 15. Trade ups. go to the market give 3 goods for a superb and 3 superbs for an elite 16.Inclub trading like giving each other cards in clubs of the same quality good for good, EX: trade suarez for neymar 17.KITS LET US MAKE OUR OWN KITS WITH A KIT MAKER AND THEN SELECT THEM PREGAMES