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Found 1 result

  1. Tackle boost glitch

    BRAND: Apple MODEL: IPad Air 2 OS: IOS VERSION: 11.2.5 Hey I’d like to report a glitch that has yet to be patched. When in a match and for an example let’s just say my Ronaldo gets caught by a Vidal, or a Busquets or anyone disregarding quality of card, and they use the “tackle” BOOST even if my Ronaldo uses his “dribble” BOOST the tackler always wins. Just before I used my full stamina Ronaldo to use his “dribble” BOOST (90+) and a Vidal that had two or three stamina used his “tackle” Boost (89) Now I’ll tag a few other player that I know have had the same problem. thank you for your time and I hope I’ve been clear, if not please reply and maybe one of the other players could be more of service.