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Found 2 results

  1. Android Update (1.1.2s)

    A new android update was put live on Friday, This resolves the cross platform Friendlies issue. All members of the same League should be able to access Friendlies posted regardless of platform now. Additionally our developers have been working to optimise the servers. The work has been finalised and been pushed live coinciding with the Android update. Users of all platforms should now see an improvement on amount of lag experienced within the game. Please let us know if you don't see any improvement.
  2. BETA Update - 0.09b

    A new BETA update is now LIVE! Android 0.09b iOS - 1.0.61 This build is heavily focused on performance improvements; Improved game play mechanics Match camera adjustment (let us know what you think) Decreased data usage and bug fixes; Challenges now working A number of crashes on iOS resolved. General Changes Experience needed for player upgrades has been lowered. Slight change to the match day score display Let us know about your experience, and please report any issues you have. See you in the Arena!